Sunday, April 6, 2008


wow,its been two months i havent updated my blog.time fly so fast.a lot of happen.well,let see.i have fallen in love with english novels.seriusly? yep seriusly,i dont know i love to read but kalau read membaca bab2 sekolah ni cam x best tu ah x elok tu.haha,well im trying.dulu2 la kan,i used to think best ke baju buku cerita? now i know the feeling.gila best.its like having our own world la senang cter.i can imagine the characters look like and many fav novel now and currently reading is shopahlic! RECOMENDED u guys buy it.awesome funny sweet everything ada.but im a teenagers i should read teen novels but i dont know some teen novels are just too chessy if fiction or women fiction they are sooo not chessy and totally realistic.



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