Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Night.

Last night,I watched The Hangover.The movie was considered the best comedy movie for 2009.Rated R.Means Restricted and I'm not suppose to watch it.Come on,best comedy for 2009 I HAVE to watch it.The movie swears a lot.Main reason why this movie is rated R.As for the other part,I just closed my eyes tightly and fast forward.Ha ha.Now,I finally understand why everyone loved the hangover.Its so funny that I started crying.I completely agree.Best comedy movie for 2009.This movie is so random.You never know what is going to happen next.Andy Bernard from the office starred in this movie.His real name is Ed Helms.The one that lost a tooth..I love the 'Some guys just can't handle Vegas' xD.There is going to be a sequel. YAY!

I'm gonna miss you

I need to remember this,

How time flies so fast.4 more days to go then SCHOOL!.Don't get me wrong,I love school.well sometimes.It just I'm not ready just yet.2 months of school vacation is just never enough.2009 has been a great year but also a pain in the ass.2009 has been the year the most celebrity deaths ever.Michael Jackson,Patrick Swayze,Farrah Fawcett,Brittany Murphy and the most recent Jimmy Sullivan(Drummer from Avenged Sevenfold).I'm gonna miss 2009.I really do.I hope 2010 is gonna be a great year.SPM here I come.The most important examination.I can't shit this up.There's so many great movies for 2010.TV shows especially glee and true blood.I really hope I can control my temptation.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Blind Side

Merry Christmas to anybody out there who celebrates it.Happy New Year!.

Yesterday,I went to Cold Storage .I bought Strawberries and Chocolates.I was making desserts.Ice cream tops up with strawberry,whipped cream,Hershey's syrup and berry yogurt.It was delicious.I wanted to eat more but I have to control myself.Ha ha,I eat way to much on the holiday season.The reason I'm making desserts was:

  • I was going to watch a movie.You gotta need something to soothes your mind.
  • Who can say no to desserts?
  • I love the way when fruits and ice cream combine.Healthy and extremely delicious. :D
This the real Michael Oher and his family.His coach even his tutor.

From the movie

I was actually watching The Blind Side.The blind side is actually inspired by a true story.Based on Michael Oher life.Sandra bullock was in this movie.I've always love Sandra Bullock's movies.I thought I'd give this a try.This movie generate positive reviews from the critics.I was even anxious to see how good it was.It truly is.Its not everyone cup of tea but its definitely mine.I love this type of movie.Inspirational one.It makes you wonder you know?.How can someone live that type of life compare to yours.It makes you feel thankful about your life.Everybody seems to forget this including me.Its great to watch this movie as a reminder.Not everybody gets a happy life.This movie is definitely on my list for great 2009 films.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Encouter

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae(Aren't they adorable together?)

I've always thought about 'Is Korean drama that great?'.I could not get it.Some of my friends are hooked.Not to mention,some of them eat drink sleep with Korean drama.The very first Korean drama I've watch was probably Full House.Rain plays the lead actor in this drama.I borrowed from Jaz.I was not expecting anything.When I finish watching the first episode,right then I understand what they were talking about.Korean drama is very addicting.I fell in love with it immediately.I don't watch every Korean drama.I try to get recommendations from my friends.I'm not that fanatic but I'm still a fan.Ha ha,Doesn't make any sense?.When I watch full house in my room,I did not leave my room at all except for personal reasons.He he,

The things about Korean drama is they have like 16-24 episode.One episode is about 1 hour.What I really like about it is that you get to know the character well.You feel the emotion depending on how good the actor is.It feels like your on a journey with them and rooting for the hero and heroin to be together.Even though the story gets too long but your still want to know what's going to happen.I don't know if anyone agrees but that's my opinion on why I love to watch Korean drama.

The second Korean drama I've watch was My girl.Oh man,I love this Korean drama.One of my favourites.I love the humour and the plot.This drama got me laughing,crying(i know haha),smiling to myself and screaming.The chemistry between Lee dong wook and Lee dae hae is amazing.I love them both together.I kinda wish they're together in real life.Ha ha,

Next was Boys over flowers.I love this drama too.This one has a lot of episode.It didn't matter,I was still addicted.The ending for this drama,I was a little disappointed.Overall,its very entertaining. :D

Monday, December 21, 2009


Oh,what a weekend.Remember when I told you I watch Avatar last Thursday night.The next day,I was suppose to go Melacca with all my family and meet up with them at this homestay.I slept really late that night.I was really sleepy on the way to melacca.Turns out they were some missunderstanding with the homestay.haha,the homestay has no air-con whatsoever.Really small tv,really small bathroom and really really small living room/kitchen.The 'Girls' gets the bigger room and more comfortable bed.As for the boys,they slept at the living room.I told my mum,if we had more time we could rent a bungalow with a swimming pool.Next time,PD.Mum said.

Haha,to tell you truth eventhough the house was very boring,I did had a great time catching up with my whole family.There was about 22 people in the house.The vacation did not go according to plan due to the rain.The fun thing we did on when we were there was river cruise,riding a cow (haha) and shopping at tesco.I still had a great time this weekend no matter what.I get to see atun(cousin).Rarely sees her so its great.One more thing,she's disabled.I can't wait for our next vacation.Probably the next year,when I finish my SPM. *Yikes* SPM.Its so hard to maintain all the subjects but I'm really trying my best.I hope its all worth it at the end.Insyaallah.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Sorry for the lack of post.I didn't have any mood to write.I know right? lame excuse.I'm gonna go on vacation with my entire family.ENTIRE.Yes,grandfather,grandmother,cousins.I'm not going overseas.Just to Melaka only.After I finish my SPM,insyallah dad said we can go to England or anywhere I want to.Ahh,I miss the vintage shop.

Oh,more about what I've been doing today.I just got back from Times Square.I managed to watch Avatar,I gotta say its pretty fucking bad ass movie.Ha ha.It is my first time watching a midnight show which is exciting.My brothers do it all the time.-_- Duh,boys.The special effects was spectacular.I'm definitely going to see it on 3D.The budget for the avatar movie cost about 250 million.Whoa,that's a lot of money.It will be a box office that's for sure.I mean,come on.Its a James Cameron's movie.Terminator and Titanic.Successfull movies.Its already 1.00 am right now,I'm a bit sleepy.I might do little bit of reading and watch whose line is it anyway.That show really gets me through the day.I can't wait for the vacation with my family.Its been a long time. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


TV series.There is too much TV series i have to catch up.Not to mention,the new seasons.I have to constantly browse the Internet to find out what date is going to air.I have a serious problem.An addiction,I might add.The last episode of true blood for season 2 left me gasped and jump of my bed.Its true.I was like.'NOOOOOOO!'.The office.Don't even talk about the office.Its like my brand of heroin.Ha ha,I have to control myself for next year.SPM*gasp*

My other favourite on screen couple. :D

Glee.I don't know what to say about that show.Its ruining my life.Ha ha,I spend way to many timeslistening to their song.Browsing the Internet to find the quotes.Re-runs.The last episode of glee is by far the best episode.Finally the truth comes out.I'm actually relieved.I don't if its just me,sometimes I get attach to the characters.I mean Literally thinking that I actually know them.Ha ha.Maybe its just me.The final episode of glee.I was watching it in my room.I was having goosebumps all over me.Yes,its that good.I don't know what show I'm gonna watch after glee. :/ I guess i just have to wait.Patience.Ha ha,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Star Trek Blu Ray has finally arrived.I seriously love the postman for bringing such joy in my life.Haha,Dad bought the star trek and spider wick blu ray.Dad is now at Langkawi for the LIMA stuff.He said that his already pre order the half blood prince blu ray. :') tears of joy.hahah,I just finished watching The Office Season 5.I had blast watching it.Love all the characters.The thing about the office is not many people get it.Some people love the show and some people doesn't understand it.I think the office is the best show.Genius to be exact.I can even make a biography each of the characters.Haha.Now I'm downloading Season 6.Pam is pregnant. :D .I love Jim's reaction when he find out the news.You can tell he was really happy.

Awww, :)

My favourite on screen couple right has got to be Pam and Jim.They are so cute .They are just perfect for each other.The wedding episode has become one of my favourite moments for season 6.Ha ha,when they copied the J&K wedding style from YouTube.Ha ha,that was so so funny.I just could not stop laughing.Andy was the funniest.He damaged his scrotum.Jim is probably the sweetest guy and he is adorable.I want my own Jim.

Enjoy this clip of the wedding dance(The Office style)

Holy Crap

first official picture from Deathly Hallows


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