Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm okay

Hello there,

Today was a veryyy tired day.TIRED.haha,i had to bold it.I went to Low yat with dad and my brother.My brother wanted to buy a desctop,he said when I can play sims more slow.heee,excited but i think i can only play when he comes home.oh well.Man,there are so many people at Low crowded.I spotted a few good looking guys but nothing compared to Kris Allen.I went to a converse shop and i saw this one beautiful converse shoes.i wanted to cry because its so pretty.its the one that i'm searching for.the colour sky blue.I didnt buy it because I spend a lot of money already.Maybe next week i could try begging my dad or mom.i managed to buy one rolling stones t shirt and a pair of rayban glasses.I saw this dude drinking a pepsi and i was 'please,dont.' Haha,tons and tons of homework i didnt even do anything.I'm so lazy,haih.I better get started.History notes,composition,bm composition,math and add math.-_- why.....why.....

M.Davis No 1. haha :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


*Sorry for not,its been a long time.30 minutes more until berbuka.I can't wait.Mum cooked my favourite lauk 'Ayam Masak Kicap with patatoes' :D Brother went to Bazaar just now and bought Ikan Pari.My favouriteeeee.*

Here's the thing,

I have this crush on someone.He doesnt know.He'll never know And its killing by day its killing me.I dont think i can't handle it anymore but when i see his face.Everything is just back to normal.I dont know him,he doesnt know me.its sad fact though.I wish i knew him,i wish i could talk to him even Hi or hey.Thats good enough for me rather than nothing.I used to have crush on him but suddenly it got weird.if he isnt there,i'm worried.I think i'm falling for him and he doesnt have a clue.He has a lot of admirer or so I've been told.No surprise there.I hope these feelings would go away someday.I dont want to get hurt in the end.HELP ME

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