Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

I've been addicted to this show since last year.I remembered watching the pilot episode and I knew it was going to be good.This show is based on a book series.I never read the books.Some of the book fans are mad because the show doesn't follow the book by heart.I would be too but I don't know.I think I'm going to stick with the tv show because I love it so much!

A graphic I made. :D

Right now,I'm currently loving Hanna and Caleb together.I used to like Hanna and Lucas.There's just something about Caleb.He gives out this bad boy image but actually he's really kind.I mean come on,who doesn't love that? Did I mention that he's actually good looking? So freaking attractive.His real name is Tyler Blackburn.

*Off to my list for top 10 hottest guys*.

The other reason that I love these two so much is because of their chemistry.I really really hope Caleb is going to stay on this show and of course end up with Hanna but then again I'm not sure.I used to think that Emily would end up with Toby but that didn't happen.


Yeah,I'm definitely rooting for Hanna and Caleb.If they don't end up together,I would be sad but hey what can you do.I can still make fanvid videos! :D

Here's some video that I made:

Hanna and Caleb/You and Me

Hanna and Caleb/Try

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm sorry

So so so sorry for not updating my blog.My desktop just got repaired.I don't like blogging with my laptop because...I don't why.It doesn't feel the same.My driving lessons is going good.I can finally drive on the road.Not to mention,I can park,do a 3 pointer and drive on the hill. :D I'm definitely happy about that.My driving couch said that I'm getting pretty good.All and All,it's been a good week.Right now,I'm actually planning on doing a vlog.It's already recorded just have to edit just a bit.

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