Thursday, February 26, 2009

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100 Things About Me

Tagged by Farha

001. Real name -- Nur Afifah
002. Nickname(s) -- Afifah,Fifah,Fifah Cullen and sometimes rob.haha,
003. Zodiac sign -- Libra
004. Male or female -- Female.
005. Elementary School -- Tadika Hanna
006. Primary School -- SK Taman Melawati 1.
007. High School -- SMK Taman Melawati.
008. Hair color -- Brunette/Black.
009. Long or short -- In between.
010. Loud or Quiet --If I'm comfortable with someone I can be really loud,if I really dont know that person then I'm a little quiet.hehe
011. Sweats or Jeans -- Sweats all the way man
012. Phone or Camera -- Camera
013. Health freak -- Umm,not really but trying to be more healthy. :D
014. Drink or Smoke -- Neither
015. Do you have a crush on someone -- Uh,yes.(:
016. Eat or Drink -- Eat
017. Piercings -- Yes
018. Tattoos -- Nope.Never.


019. Been in an airplane? -- Yes!
020. Been in a relationship? -- Umm,not sure.haha
021. Been in a car accident ? -- thankfully no
022. Been in a fist fight ? -- Hahaha,no.


023. First piercing -- Ears.
024. First best friend -- Umi i think
025. First award –Can't recall
026. First crush -- Whoa,can't remember la.
028. First big vacation -- Port Dickson because all of my family were there.ALL.It was a blast. :)


029. Last person you talked to -- Mummy
030. Last person you texted --My brother,Zuhairi. :)
031. Last person you watched a DVD with -- My mom
032. Last food you ate -- Big Mac
033. Last movie you watched alone -- Twilight.
034. Last song you listened to --Blink 182-Always
035. Last thing you bought -- A cardigan
036. Last person you hugged -- Mom


037. Food -- Mum's cooking.
038. Drinks -- Coffee and tea
039. Clothing -- Comfortable.
040. Flower -- Daisies.
041. Books -- Stephenie Meyer,Sussane,Sophie Kinsella,Cecilia Ahern etc
042. Colors -- All
043. Movies -- The Dark Knight,Harry Potter, Twilight, Narnia,Transformers,Big Fish etc
044. Subjects --Math and Economy

In 2008, I..

045. [ ] kissed someone
046. [ ] celebrated Halloween
047. [] had your heart broken
048. [x] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone
049. [ ] someone questioned your sexual orientation
050. [x] came out of the closet
051. [ ] gotten pregnant
052. [ ] had an abortion
053. [x] done something you've regretted
054. [x] broke a promise
055. [x] hide a secret
056. [x] pretended to be happy
057. [] met someone who changed your life
058. [] pretended to be sick
059. [ ] left the country
060. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
061. [x] cried over the silliest thing
062. [] ran a mile
063. [ ] went to the beach with your best friend(s)
064. [] got into an argument with your friends
065. [x] hated someone
066. [x] stayed single the whole year


067. Eating -- Fries
068. Drinking -- Guava juive
069. I'm about to -- take a shower
070. Listening to -- Coldplay
071. Plans for today -- Studying
072. Waiting for -- New Moon
073. Want kids -- Someday
074. Want to get married -- Yes
075. Careers in mind -- I'm not sure yet.


076. Lips or eyes -- Eyes.
077. Shorter or taller -- Taller because I'm already tall so you know.hehe
078. Romantic or spontaneous -- Both
079. Nice stomach or nice arms --Stomach. x)
080. Sensitive or loud --Hmm,both
081. Hook-up or relationship -- Relationship.
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant -- Hesitant


083. Lost glasses/contacts -- yes glasses and contacts.hehe,
084. Snuck out of your house -- nope
085. Held a gun/knife for self defense -- no
086. Killed somebody -- No.
087. Broken someone's heart --i guess
088. Been arrested -- Nope :)
089. Cried when someone died -- Of course la


090. Yourself -- Hmm,yes and no
091. Miracles -- yes
092. Love at first sight -- i dont think so
093. Heaven -- Yes.
094. Santa Claus -- No
095. Sex on the first date -- NO,No,No.
096. Kiss on the first date -- NO.


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now -- Oh,yes pleaseee
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life -- Yeah,very much :)
099. Do you believe in God ? YES.

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 12 people

I tag..

Anybody. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nick & Norah

I watched Nick & Norah Infinite Playlist last night.I finally finish downloading it.Aw,its such a cute story and the music was good too.I read the book before seeing the movie.There's a slight difference but i think its much better to watch the movie because the book curse a lot really ALOT.The book was okay but i like the movie better.Kat and Michael really make a cute couple. :)

Tomorrow's school.Great! Ughh,i don't know i don't have the mood to go to school nowadays.I'm just always tired.well,good night. :)

81st Annual Academy Awards

81st Annual Academy Awards was spectacular!.I really enjoyed watching it.It was emotional and also entertaining which is a bonus.I watch 4 hours straight.I taped it with my astro max.Uh,i can't live without my max.I just love it so much.Hugh jackman was hilarious when he dances and sings.Never seen that side of him.Seth Rogen and James Franco was the best.I practically laugh out loud during the Comedy 2008.Not to mention Romance 2008,Rob was the presenter along with Amanda.He was so nervous .its so cute.He made a joke saying 'I have to be a vampire to find my girl',ha ha,good one Rob. :)

The good thing Rob was seating behind Mickey Rourke.Mickey Rourke was nominated for best actor and the camera was focusing on him and I was smiling because I saw Rob at the back.He was blushing a little bit.It is his first time being in the academy awards ,of course you're a bit shocked and shy.I gotta say I enjoyed watching the 81st Annual Academy Awards . :D

When Heath Ledger won was pretty emotional.All of the montage was so good and inspiring.I cannot begin trying to explain how i love the oscar.Its just so wonderfull.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ahh,its such a good day today.Finally got my book.The one that I've been seraching like HELL.The graveyard book by Neil Gaiman.I really love Neil Gaiman books.Homework is pain in the ass.Tons of homework i have to finish.I should'nt delayed it.The more I delay the more lazy i get.Hehe.The one thing I am so excited is..............

I was watching the grammy's last week.This year grammy's is much better than last year.I think.Suddenly out of thin air,Blink 182 was going to present an award.I nearly peed myself.NOT KIDDING.hehe,I was screaming a little bit.Tom was really awkward standing beside Mark and Travis.I guess its because they havent talk for 4 years.I'm so pump about this and really really excited on their upcoming album.I love blink 182 music.Their music is very cool and spunky.I never got bored or tired listening to it.I just start listening all blink 182 music and I suddenly realized I miss their music so much.Finally,I got my wish.They are definitely coming back. :D

Message from their official website.Get ready? I am so ready for this.I can't wait. ;D

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Becky And Luke

I seriously adore this two couples.:) they're super sweet.Becky Brandon and Luke Brandon is so cute.Even though,they have their up and downs.I really love reading shopaholic series.I'm thinking I'm going to reread shopaholic and baby.Luke is super super sweet.Sometimes he does seem a bit harsh to Becky but the important thing is he cared about her. (; I want Luke please.hahaha,

Okay,i really don't know what to blog about.Oh,yeah tons of homework.Predictable right? haha,I'm gonna watch Ugly Betty now.Episode 14 has just finished.I am gotta watch it now. Night,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Confession Of A Shopaholic

Oh oh,one more thing I can't wait to watch the confession of a shopaholic.The series of shopaholic is awesome.Becky always makes me laugh .Isla Fisher was not how I imagine as Becky Bloomwood/Brandon but maybe she can pull it off.Well it is normal because not everything is supposed to be exactly like you want.I'm okay and I'm going to enjoy the movie for what it is same with twilight.Don't compare the book when you're watching the movie.It will spoilt everything.Enjoy it and have fun :).I'm definitely going to see it!.

Haha, :D


My attempt playing lost by coldplay.I truly love this song.Coldplay is just fucking awesome.I mean it.Hehe,I need to practice more. :)

Guess what? I got 3rd place

Yay.I made that got milk set.Ha ha,it just pop in my head randomly.Thank you so much for all the faves. ;).I'm gonna submit more sets until i win first place.Even though,you don't win any prize who cares.I love making it <33.

Moving on,

Homework is really kicking my ass.Ha ha,I don't mind doing it.It just sometimes I feel very lazy and tired.Yesterday,I went to tuition.Math and Add Math was exciting as usual.The thing is i didn't bring my calculator.ha ha,but never mind i still can solve the problems.Add math is fun but it gets really frustrating when you forgot how to do solve it.I get that all the time.When I see the question,I was blur for a second then I panicked.Then,I started to cool down.Then,I remember it.Ha ha,You guys are probably bored hearing me babbling about this so I'm gonna go do my homework.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scott MacIntyre

I'm actually crying right now.not the overboard though.just a little tear.haha,okay okay.I cried because i was so happy that Scott MacIntyre got in the top 36 on American Idol.I don't know why I cried I guess because when he first audition I immediately love him and really excited that he got in.He's very gifted.He can sing.He is very very bright.He can play the piano really well.Even though he's blind,i think he can possibly do anything.He is a really great inspiration to all.I can't wait to see him perform.If he didn't win American idol,i think he will still be a big hit. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


Wow,i haven't been blogging for awhile.Lets see what have i been doing.Not much actually.My brother came home so it was a lot fun.I love having my brother because I get along with him so well.We laugh at the same thing.ha ha.we watched meet the spartans but not the whole thing.I mean come on that movie was a disaster and so as disaster movie.We watched only the funny parts like the American idol scene and the Britney scene.Haha,the Britney scene was so funny.go go gah go go gah.go search it on YouTube.I bought a new gladiators.they're so hot plus they're white.I cannot wait to wear them. :))

The saddest part is that my brother just went back to Perak just now.He'll be back in a month.I'm gonna miss him.University technology Petronas is actually a really great university.I love their mosque.Its so calm and soothing.When I went there to visit my brother,I usually pray at that mosque.There just something about their mosque. :)

Dad bought some new DVDs such 30 rock and everybody hates chris.Tina fey is a genius.i love watching 30 rock.The king kong blu ray came last week.Dad said that he's going to buy hell boy 2 blu ray.I'm so excited.I'm also talking to him about buying twilight blu ray.I'm pretty sure he's going to buy it.ha ha,

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Poor Hanis,she did not see that coming.I mean me jumping.haha, :D

I really love all of this pictures.Love you guys. <333

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm feeling more like Bella now.I really don't know why.Just now,I was going out with my mom to buy some stuff and it was raining.Bella hates rain and wet stuff.I usually felt nothing with or without rain.rasa macam biasa je.Haha,it was raining heavily,my jeans and top was so wet .FYI,i did used an umbrella.I felt very uncomfortable.I know that everybody feels uncomfortable when they're wet but I dont know.Its hard to explain how i felt that time.Its just the same way bella felt towards the cold and wet stuff.The other similarities is that I really hate to be the center of attention and i get really really shy when people are looking at me but before twilight came out dh memang macam ni.hahaha,you can say I'm a little bit clumsy but definitely not like Bella.Bella seriously need to watch over herself.ha ha,but the difference between Bella and I is I havent found my Edward. hahahahah, ;D

Yippay,tomorrow is Friday! All my brothers are coming home.I can't wait. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


As you've guess tons and tons of homework to do.Addition to that,i have a lot of presentation PJK,AGAMA and BM.Arghh,i'm kinda stressed out right now.I'm always having this headache in class.I don't know why.I love having the presentation thingy but sometimes I'm a little shy.Ha ha,I know some people thought that I'm so well spoken in front of crowd.HELL-No.It depends how comfortable I am with the crowd.Last year,I'm not having any problem doing the presentation because I have known everybody so well.My point is I would less be shy if I KNOW all of my classmate.This year,all of my classmate are from different class so everybody's new.I know some of them.The most stress part in my class is of course the boys. -_-

They're too out spoken sometimes and they like to ask question.i mean really like to ask question.They ask stupid question and any question you can think of.ha ha,sometimes they are kinda rude.That's a turn off for me.Guys being rude to the teachers or friends.Come on,please-lah.Jgn la kurang ajar sgt.Maybe this is why I'm getting a lot headache right now.The boys!.This is my opinion la.If some of the boys that so called 'rude' are changing class,I think the class would be less noisy and everyone happy especially me. :) Ha ha,its not that I don't like them as my classmate.Its just if you guys wanna make jokes or laugh ikut masa la.If time belajar,belajar.If time main,main lah sesuka hati korang.

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