Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon

Toy story! :D

Finally the day has finally come.I woke up around 8.00am and immediately got ready.I was really excited even my brother could see it.He said'Amboi,cepat bersiap.haha,mesti tak sabar kan?' Hell yeah,I was excited.I went to the reservation counter to collect my ticket.After that,I went to times to browse some books.I have particularly on my mind.Going to ask dad to buy it since I'm broke.Ha ha,the show starts at 11.30 am.I went to the toilet and my heart was beating really fast.I just can't wait for the movie.I can't believe its a been a year since I watch Twilight and how things has changed.How I've change.Thank god the audience are pretty decent.They laugh at appropriate time plus some of them made some jokes.It was pretty funny.There were some ohh's and ahh's but hey rob is hot so as Taylor.I got to admit.I'm really royal.Aiceh,Edward all the way.

I love the new director.He did really good.Twilight was a low budget film and the directing style is more indie.Its great to see new moon with different director.It looks more professional since their budgets is high.I'm really satisfied.I love Eric in the film so Mike Newton.Who can forget Mike Newton? Haha,thinking og him makes me laugh.The Volturi scene was my favourite.I love the fight scene between Edward and Felix.Pretty fucking awesome.There's too much I love about it.I love the way the camera moves when Bella was in depression.The november,December thingy.That really captures the moment when I read the book.Exactly what I was feeling about Bella and exactly How i imagine it.

My french manicure :)

After the movie ended.I said this 'Is that the ending?' Hahah,damn you Chris for making a cliffhanger.Although i already what happen in the next movie but I'm still excited.Marking my calendar for eclipse 30 June 2010.Then,I went for lunch at Carl's Junior.Yummy.Idid a little shopping.I bought some rings. :D I said this would be my birthday present.Haha,since my brother took care of the payment and all.I definitely going to watch new moon again and again.haha,I'm also excited for the New moon blu ray.The deleted scenes,the bloopers,the special features.everything.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't stop

I'm addicted to Glee right now.I love their song.I love the characters.I do get a lot pleasure out of Glee. The young, talented cast is superb and the music and dance routines are so much fun I could watch them many times over.Its true.Plus Cory Monteith is pretty cute. :) ha ha,I finally book the tickets to watch new moon this Thursday.Pretty good seat.Alhamdullilah. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009



Ahh.I just really miss last Wednesday.I don't know why.Looking at the pictures really brought back memories.I miss everyone.I really had fun that day.I'm going to print some of the pictures and put it in my 'board to do list'.Oh,I'll put some of it in my wallet. :D Tomorrow,I'm gonna go to MPH with mummy and daddy.I need a seriously.I also want a buy a french manicure kit.I'm planning to do a pedicure by myself.Save some of money.

I dont why but I can't stop laughing looking this picture. :D

Here is the salad that i made.

What else did I do today.I made a salad today.I'm currently on a diet.Its not really working actually.After I ate the salad,I immediately went straight for the chicken chop.I can't believe 7 more days to new moon.I can't wait.I've been reading the reviews.I gotta say I'm pretty nervous.Some gave it a bad review,some people was disappointed and some said it was good.I'm just going watch it for what it is.It doesn't matter as long as I enjoy it. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Class Party

This is a long post so be prepare.

Today,I woke up 7.40 am and I didn't have any breakfast.I know.Breakfast is important but don't worry I did put some sandwich in my bag.I took a ride with Leya's dad so as Zana.We wait at the back of our school bus station.We wait for Hafizil to pick us up.Around 9.50am,his driver has arrive.The big smile of my face as I see the car approaching.Emir and Amad also join us.We went to Isi Rimba near Kemensah.We were on our way.I look to my right and saw a river.Its small highway.I don't even think its a highway.Hehe,Finally we managed to get there.First thing we did was put our stuff and give the raw chicken to the staff to marinate it.Next.I immediately go the river.The water is so cold.I saw Danny who was already there.He was trying to catch a fish.We tease him saying 'aicehh,tekun buat kerja.macam nelayan'.I wore jeans and I forget to bring my sweatpants.I asked Fizil,if he had any spare.Thankfully,he did but its not his pants la.Its a girl pants okay.hehe,I played in the river and we had so much fun. ;)

After that,we set up for the BBQ section.Making a fire is very hard.I thought it would be easy.Nothing can't get worse.It did.It started to rain.We had to switch the places and it was very chaotic.Everybody stressing especially seseorang ni. ;p you know who are.We were scared that the people could not make it.I actually thought this class party was gonna suck but it didnt.It was amazing.Better than I imagine.We took a lot of pictures.Every one's laughing.I guess,even though we were stressing so much.I think it was worth it.When we switch up the places,I changed my clothes because my pants were so damp and its making me uncomfortable.I saw Naa,holding the cupcake.It was a suprise party for Danny.His birthday is coming up this Saturday.We actually thought he already knew about it.turns out,he was really surprised.Awww,it was so sweet.We bought him a birthday card.Everyone sign it even teachers.When he asked when did we buy this.We bought it at Pavilion when we were going out last week.He was really surprised because he didn't suspect anything.The card is pretty funny.Its a picture of six pack soda.It says 'The birthday boy has to tape this card its his stomach.When you open the card,it says because now finally you got a six pack.go enjoy it.Haha.Then,we eat.The marinate chicken was DELICIOUS.The fried rice was also delicious.Everything was delicious.We did have a good time.Hands down,the best class party I have ever been.Zana,Leya and Danny imitates me which is so funny.Here the history behind it

Zana:(looking at pictures)Muka ke apa ni?
Afifah:Muka lerrr.
Zana said usually people said 'weh tak baik oh kau'
Starting from then,when people said muka ke apa ni? Diorang bertiga selalu cakap muka lerrr.Sometimes,when people asked topi ke apa tu? Yes,you guess it.My answer would be 'Topi lerrr'.Haha.

People started to leave because Maghrib is coming.We clean up all the stuff and head back to the main room.Everyone was there.We talked again.Took some pictures AGAIN,hehe.Leya,danny,zana,emir,hakim and I were the last one to leave.We have to wait for the driver to deliver all of the my classmate.We were the last one.It was already maghrib and I'm scared.Anak dara tak elok balik maghrib.Immediately what i thought in my head.Call my mum and explain the situation.Thank Allah,because she was not mad.Hehe,we were heading back home in the car.we took some pictures again.I think there is about 300 picture in my SLR.Not to mention fizil and lolock's slr.Damn,that's a lot of pictures.I said goodbye to everyone.gave a hug to naa and Leya.Now,my feet and back are killing me.I'm so tired and again it was worth.I have no regrets. :)

Enjoy a video of us paying a tribute to coca cola commercials.Ha ha

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One word.Beautiful.I want it.I want it.When can i get this? Hopefully,someday. :)

Tory Burch Mairin Collection

Mui Mui



*It makes me wanna go shoe shopping.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today was fun.I woke up around 7.30am.Ate breakfast and took a shower.We watched 2012 and I gotta say its pretty fucking intense.I think its because we were watching it together and we were both excited.We queued to buy the ticket and the guy who handle the ticket is pretty cool.Thank you stranger.Ha ha,the movie is so long man.2 hours and 40 minutes. :o I KNOW,right? It was worth it because I had a blast watching it with my peeps.After watching the movie,around 3.oo o'clock.We went to the food court because Danny wanted to meet his friends.Some of them I recognise.Leya bought a slice of cake to celebrate my birthday and Danny's birthday too.Then,we jalan-jalan.ha ha,we went to chameleon and I bought them rings.on the house.We have the same rings.Comel kannn?.Zana couldn't decide to buy which ring so we asked the cashier.The Chinese woman said she like the dragon ring than the mouse ring. She said the mouse ring.Bak pepatah dia.'Yang mouse ring macam budak budak la.yang ini banyakk cantik'.Sumpah best! :).The next store is Vincci.OH MY GOD.I love their shoes.Nak beli tp takde duit.*sumpah gentle wa cakap lu* haha,ni dinamakan terikut dgn perangai orang.

Ha ha,I have one story to tell.I went to San Fransisco coffee to buy a frappucino for myself and my brother.Since he always bought me stuff,I thought I repay him.The staff at the San Fransisco coffee is the best.They are friendly and easy to get along.Zana was asking the cashier about is the spaghetti in the display section are real or not.The guy said it is real.She wouldn't believe.She thought it was plastic.Haha,it was so funny hearing them argue.I said to the other staff.'Dia tak percaya?Dia mmg macam ni' He laughed.I was waiting for my frap and Zana is still talking about THAT spaghetti.Ha ha,I remembered the guy pull out the spaghetti and show it to her.Zana insist on smelling it.Ha ha,finally my frap is ready and I ask the staff if they have any paperbag.I put some cinnamon and chocolate on top of my whipped cream.As we were leaving,we heard the guy and the other stuff said goodbye to us.Bangga jugak la because he only said goodbye to us.Aicehhh.Man,I kinda regret because we didn't take a picture with them.That would be so cool.Better luck next time.You never know,we might meet them again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Finally,the long awaited Iqbal singing the alleycat song.Ha ha,you can hear me laugh.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Easy come easy go

Today was fun.Iqbal finally puck up the courage to sing AND I have it on video.The video is in Raja's hand phone.The other thing,we have a photo shoot today at my class.I brought my SLR.We snapped a lot of pictures.Iqbal bought us some food on the house.Thanks!.I ate my hot dog and I gotta say its pretty delicious.I can't wait for this Saturday.I'm gonna watch 2012 with my friends at Pavilion and I'm super duper excited.Naa and Leya and probably Danny will join us.If you see us,say hi.Ha ha,tak boleh bla.

Here are the pictures ;
Gambar paling best.Envious I'm not in itI'm the photographer.Haih, Ha ha

Cikgu datanggg?

Iqbal's Handphone.Gilaaa style
Taktau nak ckp apa/


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 Maju

4 Maju.I love my class.I love all the people.We managed to get along really well which is a good thing.The most thing I remembered being in this class is probably all the jokes and laugh.I laugh way too much.I think it should be illegal.I can't wait for our class party. :)

One of my fav picture,everyone looks happy. :)

Emma Watson ;p

Haha,muka epa.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Super Duper

I just bought a new strappy wedges and I'm in love with it.This baby goes to my shoe's collection.I'm obsess with shoes.I admit it.Ask my mum and dad.Heh,ask my brothers even.Every time,I walk past a shoe store my eyes can't stop looking at it.When I see the 5 inch heels,I'm in love.I just like looking at platforms shoes.I never buy them because its too high and I'm no celebrity.I don't need to go to a fancy function or anything.Boy oh boy,am i jealous when I see the celebs wearing it especially teen celebs.I still get to try them on at the store.I mean the heels so I'm pretty okay.ha ha,

I watched supernatural with dad late afternoon.Dad bought the box set.We even watch the paranormal activity.He is now in Langkawi but he'll be back tomorrow evening.I can't wait so we can continue watching supernatural.I'm still amazed how Jensen can be so hot and pretty at same time.I'm still amazed right now.

Ha ha,pigeon creek.

Last night,I watched Sweet home Alabama.Reese witherspoon is so adorable.I just realize that Patrick Dempsey is in that movie and so as Dakota Fanning. :O My favourite line from the movie would have to be :
Jake: Nobody finds their soul mate when they're ten. I mean, where's the fun in that, right?
I just love the way he express it,he sound disappointed and hope full which is sweet.Tonight,I'm going to watch meet the Robinson's.I love that movie!.I usually watch movies every night.I don't know why but I guess its because I love movies.I never get bored watching movies that I've have seen last year or even past few months.Of course,it will be boring because you know the ending .It depends on the movie or maybe its just me.Great,tomorrow is Monday.School.

French Toast

This morning,I made french toast with cinnamon.I add a little whipped cream and chocolate syrup to make it more delicious. I actually like to cook.I love cooking spaghetti and macaroni.Italian food i guess.i love baking cupcakes.Unfortunately,I hate the part where you have the clean it up.That's my least favourite part.Don't even tell me about making the icing.Its feels sticky in your hand.Not to mention,hard to clean.You have to boil hot water.To tell you the truth,I actually like doing this kinda stuff.Its love and hate relationship.Ha ha.I haven't bake cupcakes for a long time,I miss it.I'm going to bake one dozen and give it to my good friends.

I'll probably start doing this when my second brother gets home.He is now in Perak.UTP,Tronoh.I guess the cupcake would be his welcome home present.This time I'm buying icing in a can at a near bakery store.I hope they still sell it.I'm gonna make a Twilight saga inspired cupcakes to lighten up the spirit.I hope I can do it because I only talk about doing it but not actually DOING get the point.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Youtubeee it

YouTube is my favourite website ever.I'm trying to imagine if there was no YouTube.then there will be no Shane,Eric,Mitchell,Alyssa and all other talented people.Not to mention I can't watch my favourite scene from a movie.I imagine it will be sad and my Saturday morning will be dull and boring.YouTube is a part of parcel in my life.
Speaking of YouTube.

I was just browsing YouTube and found this song called automatic by tokio hotel.I like some of their song eg.the monsoon.Let's talk about Bill Kaulitz hair.That is some hair his got there.I can't help but imagine how do hell does he sleep?.Probably it'll be uncomfortable.I search tokio hotel on wikipedia and found out that Bill Kaulitz is famous for his androgynous look.I was like 'What is androgynous?' I will tell you.A lot of people confused him as a girl.Pftt,even at first i thought he was a girl.He has a feminine feature in his face.He look kinda....sweet without the makeup.I think that's why at first glance people will thought he is a girl.

A lot of people are confused about his gender.Ask google.Haha.Oh,I forget to tell you what is androgynous.According to wikipedia,Angrogyne is s a person who does not fit cleanly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles of their society.Makes senses now?


I woke up pretty early today.Leya sent me an MMS.She sent a video of her playing love story.I printed her the piano sheet of love story-taylor swift last few months.It was sweet of her to sent the video to me. It made my day. :)

I just start reading Catching Fire and I'm already hooked.I have to control myself because if I read way to much my eyes are going red.Its so frustrating having a red eye but what can you do.I usually take a nap to fade the redness away.Sometimes,it will work and sometimes it doesn't.Oh my god,can you believe 20 more days till new moon? I'm already hyperventilating.I'm planning to watch it with my older brother.I can tell he's pretty excited too.Ha ha,I'm already planning what to wear to see the movie.Twilight saga makes you do crazy thing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Last day of exam

If there's a camera near us,this is what happens.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let it flow

This is what I look like watching the dumbledore death scene.

Nahh,not exactly like that.Man,Dwight has issues.I like how he lives in his own little world.Kinda sad but at least he's happy.Maybe.Haha.Hmm,crying.Everyone cries.Its normal thing to do but if you cry to careful with that because it could be serious.Depression and all that kind of stuff.In my opinion,crying is good.Crying is a sign of relief not weakness.Crying is also a satisfaction.Sometimes I laugh when I'm crying.Not because of the thought 'WTF am i crying about?' but because of everything is good now.everything is fine a.Like my previous post,thankful for everything i have now rather than keeping my feelings to myself.Tonight,I'm gonna watch The Notebook.I know I know another chick flick.Oh,don't forget to watch From G's to Gents channel MTV at 4 pm.I starting to like that reality show.Watch this clip.Poor macho.I dislike macho but now I kinda feel bad for him.Let it out.let it out. :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harry Potter

Transformer Revenge of the fallen and Monster Vs Aliens Blu ray has arrived.Thank you Mr postman.Yippay,next week dad said the snow white blu ray will probably arrive.Yesterday,I watched Transformer and Monster vs Aliens.The Monster Vs Aliens gave four 3-D glasses for the special features -Bob's big break.The 3-D effect was spectacular.I really enjoyed it.Tonight,I'm gonna watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.My first brother bought the DVD and brought it to me.He's just finished his exam.Now,he on break for 2 months.

Ahh,prepare the tissue for tonight - the dumbledore death scene :'( I can't wait for the final harry potter movie.Part1 and Part 2.Marking my calendar for next year.I remember when I was a kid.I always ask my mum to buy me the jelly beans and toad chocolate frogs.Ha ha,getting the Hogwarts spirit.

Books has always been my friend.

Fiction books here I come

My finals are over.I'm super tired nowadays.I can get a little rest now but not for long.I still have to study for SPM.Oh,great.SPM.FUCKING SCARY.I don't know how I did for finals.I just hope for the best.Add Math was so hard.Everything was hard.Oh well.I tried my best.The good thing is I can read fiction books now.Catching fire is the top of my list.The sequel to the hunger games.The hunger games was so addictive that I finished the whole a book in one day.If I can just read all the text books like I read the fiction books.Ha ha,

Today was fun.a bit tired as usual due to my sore throat.I'm still okay.I just remembered something.Iqbal,my classmate.You should hear him sing.Its so good. ha ha,he sang a bunch of song from the 80's music to the malay jiwang music. -_- Sometimes when he sing one song,it will constantly repeat on my head.For example,he likes to sing this one song.I don't know what title it is.I asked him who sings that song.He said Alleycats.Ha ha,I still remember the lyrics until now.Thanks Iqbal! 'Heningan Ombak Membelah pantai-iii' ha ha.Iqbal usually sing sengau at the pantai part.I should record him singing so I can share with the world.Haha,I'll try to ask him to sing again.Good luck with that.I've been asking him to sing that song.He's just shy now.Apa la iqbal ni.

Sigur ros.This picture always makes me smile. :)

Sigur ros.I don't know what I'll do without this band.I've been doing the 30 day challenge with the EA active Wii.I lost a couple of pound. :D When I exercise,I always listen to Sigur ros.Their song are so uplifting and inspiring in my opinion.Even though,i don't even understand what they are saying.I read the translation from time to time.I listen to their song when I'm feeling down or stress.Thank you sigur ros for making me feel better. :)

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