Monday, April 27, 2009

True Blood

My favourite scene of all time. :)

I didn't go to school today.I have a bad fever.Ugh,being sick is the most uncomfortable thing in the world.I'm felling better but still a bit dizzy.

Sneek peek of season2.*excited*

I just finished the whole season of true blood and i can't wait for the second season.Its very addicting.I could wait any longer watching it at cinemax.The finale season is probably the best.Bill was willingly sacrifice himself for sookie.When sookie was near to death,Bill was there to save her.When she drank bill's blood to heal herself from all the cuts and bruises ,Bill said when his blood is running on her blood,he could feel anything she's feeling.He could come and save her if she is feeling scared at the exact moment.Ain't that the sweetest thing?.Vampires in true blood can't come during sunlight not that they will burn to death but they will eventually be weak and die.The last episode really showed that bill really love sookie.

Lafayette is the bomb!

Sookie was attack by Rene who is a psychopath.He immediately felt what sookie is feeling but he can't come out because its daylight.He didn't care and he just wanted to save sookie.He didn't get there it time because he was already burned.Sookie manged to kill the psychopath and she saw Bill lying on the grass.This is probably the saddest because Bill told her that he'd failed as in he fail to protect her.I still don't understand why sookie is hesitating choosing bill over Sam and Eric.Come on,Bill is a gentleman guy.Team Bill! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


83 more days.I can't wait.Its driving me crazy. :0

I went to tuition yesterday as usual.God,you don't know how tired I was and hungry.Ha ha,thankfully jaz brought me macaroni with spaghetti sauce.Yummy,I immediately went home so I can try it.I gotta say Jaz you make a pretty damn good sauce. ;) I ate a lot yesterday but it was worth it! The most scariest thing right now is MID YEAR EXAM.Oh god,I'm freaking out every time.I should be studying more not blogging.He he,the best thing when mid year exam is finished,the twilight blu ray is going to be here.In my home,in my mailbox,in my hands.Ha ha,since its release in may 5 plus shipping 2 weeks so probably it arrive in my home after the mid year exam.Yay!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Homework is pain in the ass.I hate them so much.BM,I have to do an essay which my teacher just gave today and she wants it tomorrow.WTH?.I'll try my best to finish it.Science subject are very simple and easy but I don't understand any of it.Ughh,of course i understand some of it but..Who to blame? THE BOYS.Sometimes I can't focus when they are talking to me.I don't wanna be rude so I just go with the flow.He he,its very hard to ignore them since the boys in my class have so many stories and they are kinda funny.I guess I just have to find a way to deal with it and get through it.Mid year exam is around the corner.Gosh,its scary even to think of it.Okay,I'm gonna go eat. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its been a week

Wow,I haven't update my blog in a week.Ha ha,nothing crazy or exciting happened.School is getting much better but just the homework that really bums me out.BM,I have to write two frigging essays and have to submit it this Monday.Not to mention add math,history notes and account.Ugh,guess i have to do it sooner or later.If you guys don't know,I love to sing usually i sing in class.Not that LOUD.I started recording my cover of a coldplay song and showed it to some of my was kinda funny when they didn't believe that it was my voice.HAHA,they said my voice was very different and they like my cover.I could not stop smiling. :) Maybe I'll post it later.My first is brother is HOME! Unfortunately,my second brother is absent.He said that he will be coming home first week of May.Long way to go.Later,I'm gonna play guitar hero.trying to get used with the xbox360 controller. -_-

Taking pictures with Zana is always a blast!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I just finished watching my little bride.Aww,I really love watching korean movies especially this one.This is by far the best and number 1 on my list.It made me laugh and cry(ha) and scream.hehe,I wanna watch nick and norah infinite playlist again. :) I loveeee the soundtrack.

As for my result,I got 98 for my english and my economy 85. :D My first brother is home which is exciting! What movie should we watch? I think i watched so many movies and sometimes i watch it again and again.I dont know what to watch now.maybe Spiderman 2? Haha,okay i'm gonna go to bed now.sleepy.ugh,i really worried mid year exam :x

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is why I love Kristen So Much.

She was so nice and I love when she said stupid american!Haha.Now I really really wanna meet her. :D

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Test is over.Freedom! not just yet.Mid year is coming up and is a lot more harder since the format is the same as SPM.BM is tough,my tuition teacher said that we have to do many homework.He said this'kamu nk dpt lulus for bm memang senang,tp nk dpt A1 tu susah.Saya tanda paper Spm last year ada 6 orang je dpt A1' Whoosh,scary tu.goosebumps terus.Hehehe,I've held back many activities because of the test.I've always watch Mitchell and Kyle after school.They are seriously funny and cute and handsome.haha,the allen and craig show is also funny.I wish I could meet them and thanked them for all the pain they healed.Haha,Now i can watch Youtube.My favourite website everrrr.Next week,result.Ahhh,Add math was so unexpected so I dont know what to say.I remembered something.It happened last 2 week.I think.Epa or Hudzaifah sat infront of my table and we talked.So here's the conversation between Epa and I.(Not the same thing he said but lebih kurang la.)

Epa:Afifaahh,lama tak chit chat dgn Fifah

Me:Oh yeke? i guess what do you want? haha

Epa:apa garang2 ni? bgtau cikgu norain.okay.ada ada soalan.between robert pattinson and zac efron mana lagi hot.bagi aku zac efron.

Me:Takkan tak tau kot,robert pattinson all the way laaa.Zac? Zac okayy la.

Epa:hurmm,kalau Joe jonas and zac efron?

Me:Joe Jonas kot.Hahah

Epa:Kalau Joe jonas and robert pattinson?

Me: -_- Robert Pattinson laa!

Epa:okay okay,kalau aku ngan robert pattinson*sambil naikkan kening(I almost died laughing)


Epa:Hiskh,ni tak boleh ni.Ahh,kalau aku ngan Mr bean?

Me:Mr Bean as in real live character tu?

Epa:Yep Yep so jawapan nya apa?

Me:Tu lain cerita la.mana boleh compare ngan mr bean.

HAHA,it was so funny even Illiya pun gelak.Epa terus merajuk.Okay,I'm off to do watch everybody loves raymond.

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