Thursday, November 27, 2008


Twilight was awesome.fullstop.haha

I woke up around 10.oo then terus took a shower.i was hyperventilating in the shower sbb terlalu la excited sgt.My dad order the ticket eventhough i yg plg lambat order.haha,semua ckp fifah order cpt nnt abis.and diorg ckp sesetengah dh abis and i was like noooooo.hahaha,but somehow my dad managed to get the tickets.yay! this is why my dad rocks! haha,the seat was pretty good. :D

Pegi pavi to see the movie.OMG! x sabar gile movie nk start my cousin sebelah mcm oh god rilek2 breathe2.haha,oh yeah waktu tgk movie agak spoil skit la because there's this chinese group kot or sapa tah dok jerit2 dok tepuk2.I know sume EXCITED but please la the movie is for everybody bukan korang sorang je.haha,this girl duduk sebelah I ckp kt semua org yg bising2 shushhhhh! haha,i salute kot kt die.HAHA,and this guy kt belakang seat ckp shut up laa.whaha,lagi i suka.i pusing belakang terus senyum kt die.hahaha, :D he was kinda cute.omg,but seriously i puas hati sgt ngan twilight eventhough byk tukar but its still good.nk tgk lagi maybe this week kot.haha,can't wait.Oh,i suka gila the baseball scene.ahh,rob was hot as always.The kissing part to i bengang! that was like the scene yg i tunggu2 but tgk potong.mana x sakit hati.The prom scene was so cute. :)I love everything about it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Holiday

I frigging love this movie!

Ah,the holiday movie was awesome.I watched this movie a gazillion time but what the hell,a really good movie can make you do crazy thing.ha ha,i love the holiday movie mainly because of the plot and really great music.I really fell in love with all of the characters as they were real.I know! they weren't even real they were just acting but i don't know it felt real to me.When they were crying,I cry.When they were happy,so am you get the point.

The story is very touching and romantic.It has a little comedy in it which I LOVE.ha ha,I cried a lot when i watch the holiday movie especially the part where Iris(Kate Winslet) was taking her good old friend Arthur Abbott to tribute party to him.Arthur is actually a very famous writer during the old times,he was now an elderly and retired.So a lot of people was writing a letter to him saying that they want to do a tribute to him but he doesn't believe it and thinking if they did it probably only a few would show up.And then,came along Iris who helped him get in shape and be prepare for the tribute party and also talking to him about replying the letter about the tribute party.Ah,this is the part where i cried like a baby.ha ha,he asked Iris to be his date and when he arrived the guy ask him "we are ready for you'.The guy opened the door and Arthur could not believe they were a lot of people showed up.All the people applause to him as he walk through the stage. :'( He was really overwhelmed.

I love this scene.

A lot of people showed up

Another story was between Amanda(Cameron diaz) and Graham(Jude law).Ahh,I really fell in love with them too.ha ha,I cry like a baby AGAIN when Amanda was leaving England to back to her place,they say goodbye and was pretty sad.Amanda have not cried since she was 15 because when she was 15 her parents split up and she always cries herself to sleep until she realised she has toughen up and she did.She never cried since.Until,when she was leaving Graham,she was in the car on the way to the airport,She was really sad and then for the first time she finally cried.Ahh,i cried too.hahaha,so yeah its a really beautiful scene and i found the video of it on YouTube. :) I recommend you guys watch this movie.seriously go watch in now!.I don't care if you have to rent it or buy it or have to watch it. ;D

Aww, :'(

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ha ha

I slept really late last night due to my stubbornness(ha ha).I can't stop watching whose line is it anyway? i download the episode,i really don't know what season i download.i just download whatever i can i was watching in my room and i was laughing like crazy and i try to keep it down but sometimes i just can't control it.I love this guys on whose line is it anyway their genuinely funny.I think their genius.ha ha,well because they have to think some funny jokes or quotes on the spot which i find very hard to do so kudos to them.I was watching this episode and they have a special guest.The usual cast are Wayne,Ryan and Colin.The special guest was Jeff Davis,when i first saw i was like damn he's hot.I kept watching him all the time ha ha and I'm really looking forward for him to make me laugh and he did. :).He has the most wonderful smile and pretty nice jaw line but Rob's one are hotter.ha ha,but unfortunately he's 35 years old .I'm 15.which means when i was 1 years old he was 20 years old.WOW.ha ha,never mind.I still like to watch him in whose line is it anyway? :)

:Sorry about the bad quality pictures.I can't find any pictures other than these. :(

Aww,he looks cute.


Roarr! ha ha


Yum yum.ha ha

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Just chatting with Adlin.Cehh,adlin malu.hi hi,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Heee,excited!! ;DD

First Magazine Scans

Thanks to Nur Afifah, we have some scans from Singapore magazine First, which features Rob and Kristen on the cover. She also sent us a scan from a Malaysian magazine, called The Adsvantage.

Click here to see the scans in our gallery.

Posted by Jenny on Nov 11 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guess what?

I scan all the pictures from First magazine that featured twilight cast,Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the cover.I'm so excited and i cant wait for Jenny(The website staff) to open my mail and put the scan pictures on the website.heeee, :) can't wait can't wait.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh my Oh my

OMG,I opened the mailbox and i saw a package from i thought this must be my dad's dvds when he bought at was tearing the package apart and i was shocked that it was Indiana Jones the kingdom of the Krystal skulls BLU-RAY.I was jumping and screaming excitedly screamingly if that's even a word.oh my god,I've been waiting this blu-ray forever because you know blu ray kick DVDs butts when they won the most quality of pictures.Well,it is true because when i watch men in black Blu ray,it felt like the creatures were coming out of the tv.seriously the picture quality from scale of 1 to 10.i think i probably give it a 100.ha ha,I can't watch it yet because i'm gonna wait for my brother. :)

I think i wanna watch scooby doo the movie now.ha ha,so see ya!.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I won't bite you

Hello,i was i thought blogging will help.tomorrow,I'm not going to school.too lazy these past few days.Mummy got a hamper today.wheeee,there's lot of chocolate and cookies in there.I'm definitely the one who will be eating it all.ha ha,movie night for today i really don't know.i think i already watch all the DVDs in my home.maybe I'll watch Big fish or Madagascar or Toys story or August Rush or The lake house.ha ha,I watched Korean movie last week,My little bride.Aw,such a sweet love story.I loveeeee it. :D .

My little bride
A first year high school student Boeun is forced to marry, a close member of her family but who is not blood related. Her husband to be sangmin is an older college student who is on the verge of graduating. Secretly in love with his new bride, a constant teasing, brings humour to this excellent romantic comedy. However everything isn't fine and dandy, as Boeun is not sure, whether she likes her husband or high school boyfriend . But everything seems to change when her husband comes to work at her high school! A thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy, one of the best Ive ever seen! sweet and funny, far from original. :)

Rise and shine,twilighter

Good morning,people.

I couldn't sleep last night.i don't know why.I was watching Mrs doubtfire and it was pretty funny.Then,when i wanted to go to sleep,i just can't.arghh,i was frustrated so i thought lets read a book.So i read.Actually not a book.I read Manga instead.ha ha,and it got really interesting so i finished one Manga that night.i thought i was just gonna read one story.ha ha,

Now,I'm really looking forward for my brother from Perak coming back home.I miss him :(.Apparently,he has the final exam this week.Good luck,my brother! ;) ha ha,he said he'll be back home on 25 November and I might add the SMS message that i got from him.'sempat la tgk twilight.' ha ha,its like my whole family knows that i am obsess with twilight.One time,when i was watching the new trailer(ah,those happy day) i was hyperventilating in front of the screen and i was just excited and shocked.So my dad was like 'whats going on whats going on' and i was pointing at the dad was like 'humph,twilight'.ha ha,i love my family. :D.okay,I'm out.I haven't breakfast yet.yeah yeah,i know its late.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today,I went to summit usj with my parents.Hee,it was fun.I asked my mom that i wanted to buy new shoes.ha ha,my mom said 'kasut dh x muat dh dlm almari tu.' ha ha,mummy mummy.haha.Then,my mom and I went browsing shoes on the first floor and the second floor while my father went to the DVD store.hmmpph,men.ha ha.Unfortunately,I didn't find the PERFECT shoe that i want but i do saw this really nice gladiators wedges.They're hot but I didn't buy it because the wedges were to high.I can't really wear high heels,i mean i can but depends.ha ha.I'm already tall and I'm 5'7 :D.After browsing and browsing,we ate at the garden cafe.The fish and chips were delicious so as the cappuccino blended.

Dad bought 3 box set of go,dad!.ha ha,he bought season five Grey's anatomy,House season 4 and Ugly Betty season 2.This is why dad rocks.He know exactly what i want.Oh,yeah i went to Mph to check out the new arrivals on fiction and i saw the novel that i really want to buy which is the gift by Cecilia ahern.The price is RM79.90.Maybe i buy it at Kunokuniya.I saw this really cute bookmark and i bought it. :) ha ha.

Then,we went home.ha ha,while we were walking to get into the car,my parents missed the car and they went further away from was so funny.I was like, 'Mom ,dad.The car is here.' ha ha,we laugh our ass off.I listen to my mp3 on our way home.I played the song I caught myself.I was lip singing on the back seat.ha ha,that song is also addicting like decode.oh oh,i bought gummy bears candy. ha ha,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pretty people

Kristen looks very very pretty in this cover.I mean very pretty.

Nice. ;)

wooooo,rob looks hot in this one. ;D

I bet Kristen boyfriend Michael angaroono(ha ha) must be very jealous.

Kristen looks great also in this picture.arghh,you pretty people.

My Brand Of Heroin

I don't know what to blog about so i thought i blog about Robert love or my brand of heroin.ha ha.ahh,i don't know there's just something about him that appeal to me.He's undeniably gorgeous.He's like the perfect guy in my opinion.He's very modest and down to earth.Although he's kinda shy when people interview him.I find it very cute and adorable.Some people find it that he needs to practice this yada yada yadah.ha ha,I would not change anything.He's perfect the way he is now.I dont care if he looks awkward of whatever.i dont care.he's just Robert Pattinson.Take it or leave it.cehh.

Here is 5(actually there's more but maybe another blog post) reason why i love about Robert Pattinson

The jaw line

Oh my god,look at the jaw line.It makes you wanna go there and touch it.ha ha.

The hair

Ha ha,rob facial expression cracks me up.The famous hair.some people call it the *** hair.I dont know why and i dont wanna know why.

The eyes

Ahh,those dreamy and dazzling eyes.

The body

Need I say more?

His sense of style


He may not be the most fashionable guys out there but I love it. Rob is the kinda guy who just wears anything he wants.I respect that.

*Hyperventilating again

Ha ha,I love the shoes.

And that's why i love about Robert Pattinson. ;)

Hayley Nichole Williams.

Argh,she's pretty.I love her hair!

Hayley Nichole Williams.I absolutely love her.I mean come on she's got the voice,the look and plus she's cute.I've first heard of paramore in 2004 but at that time they weren't so famous but in 2007 they're single misery business was busting in all radio stations.First heard of misery business totally digging it.I mean the song is about a girl who is just gets away from anything so i can relate to that song in some of my friends or ex friends.i don't know.ha ha.I also love Hayley's style.Although she kinda looks a little bit tomboyish but she's not.She wears dresses and cute pink tops.On the other hand,we have like the same pants.the red pants!.yeah!At the Vma's i saw her wearing yellow skinny pants and i told myself i have to have it.Forget to mention about her AWESOME hair colour and hair styles!.I want her hair!I want her hair!.

Any colour looks great on her.

The decode music video.Again her hair is awesome.

When I found out Hayley's also enjoys reading twilight i was like yeah!.She also wrote the song decode especially for the film adaption of twilight.That even made me more excited.I heard the song decode on YouTube really bad quality because the single was not release yet.The song is kinda addicting because i can't get it out of my head.seriusly.every fricking day i sing that song every fricking day my phone rings, its that song.ha ha.

Hayley Williams from Paramore is a huge Twilight fan and recently talked about her love of the books and the song's title:

Here's the quote from Hayley,

Twilight is the first series of books I've ever read. I didn't get into the Harry Potter series even though I love the movies. Twilight really caught my attention and held it. I'm really excited to see the book adapted to film and excited that our band gets to be a part of the phenomenon. I chose the title "Decode" because the song is about the building tension, awkwardness, anger and confusion between Bella and Edward. Bella's is the only mind Edward can't read and I feel like that's a big part of the first book and one of the obstacles for them to overcome. It's one added tension that makes the story even better.

Cute top Hayley. ;)

Ah,I love her

Ain't she's cute?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brighter and Happier

I was logging on my space and just surfing the Internet hopefully finding some news about twilight.ha ha.then,my brother he was watching the TV and he switched the channel from star movies to star world.Jimmy kimmel live was on.I love watching jimmy kimmel,its brighten up my day.ha ha,mainly because some of the interview are so funny and sometimes i kept tuning to see who's performing.At one time i saw metro station performing on jimmy kimmel.i was excited because my man,mason was there.Although I didn't like the hairstyle but whatever he's still hot.Oh,look i got carried away.I was supposed to be talking about what i watch today on jimmy kimmel not last last last month.ha ha,today,T.I was the guest on jimmy kimmel .Before he perform ,he was interviewed by jimmy.He was very funny handling all the question that jimmy asked , you know about T.I getting arrested because possession of illegally machine guns.Yeah,he was also kinda charming.There's the part when T.I was reaching in his pocket to give something to jimmy and and jimmy and Sarah silverman puts their hands up in the air.ha ha,it was so funny because they thought T.I was going to shoot them.Here's the video :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Haha,walaupun x de kne mengena ngan post ni but ske gambar ni. :D

You'll probably saying what's up with this girl? stardust this stardust that.haih,ha ha

okay okay,stardust is story about Tristran thorn becomes a man.cehh.Dunstan thorn,his father.Dunstan Thorn attends the fairy market in the meadow, where he seeks a gift for his sweetheart, Daisy. He eventually settles on a crystal snowdrop, but becomes unexpectedly infatuated with the slave of the witch who owns the stall. They meet in a secluded part of the meadow and make love. Dunstan marries Daisy the following June. Several months after their wedding, a basket containing an infant boy is left at the wall, along with a scrap of parchment, on which is written "Tristran Thorn", who is evidently the faerie slave's son by Dunstan. Tristran is raised by his father and stepmother, ignorant of his true heritage until the end of the book. Seventeen years later, Tristran promises to bring the beautiful Victoria Forester a fallen star in exchange for her hand in marriage. She agrees to this, and he crosses the Wall into Faerie to find the star. He there discovers that the star is an anthropomorphic being, who is most displeased to accompany him to Wall, and that there are others who also covet the star for their own reasons. Tristran and the star, called Yvaine, travel across Faerie, evading numerous attempts to capture Yvaine, and setting off a chain of events which lead to some surprising revelations, and cause Tristran to question whether he really wants what he set out to achieve. At the end of the book, he finds himself forsaken by Victoria (though his infatuation had subsided greatly by that point), and instead chooses to marry Yvaine, with whom he had fallen in love on their journey. His heritage, and that of his mother, who is the daughter of the Lord of Stormhold (a Faerie nobleman), are revealed thereafter. After several years of exploring Faerie with his wife, Tristran accepts his inheritance as ruler of Stormhold. Yvaine becomes his queen, and rules the land after his death. Best knn? heeee,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay,I was bored so i came up with a name,the title for this blog post which Crakekulusafiaaa.I don't know it sounded funny to me.ha ha.I went to jj with my mom to eat.damn i remember i was so hungry.after we ate,I went to MPH.ahhh,heaven of books.well you know what i mean even though at jj mph there's not a lot of books but books are still books.I only bought 3 manga's.Next,I went to big apple know me,i have to a little bit caffeine.i know i know its bad for you but its taste SO good.I bought ice caramel latte.yum yum,still craving it now.damn you caffeine.After this,I will probably be reading stardust. :) wheeeee,so see ya!



Oh yeah,now im on page 45.heee, :).The main reason of this post is 'I JUST FINISH WATCHING DECODE MUSIC VIDEO.Oh my god,words cannot describe how i'm feeling right now.ha ha,the music video was awesome.they shown some scene from twilight which have never been,I also love the new colour of hayley's hair.pretty bold!.I wish my hair was like that.ha ha,oh yeah i also just finish watching the new tv spot.haha,the part with charlie holding the gun while bella was asking him if its alright that she' going out with edward.haha,charlie charlie.

Today,I'm going out with my mom to eat and buy some stuff.ha ha,I'm thinking of buying that topaz contact lenses.arghh.i want it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reading Materials

Currently reading:
Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

-Now I'm at page 25. :)
-Ha ha,still a long way to go.
-Ah,I Love Stardust. :)

There's like 5 more books i have to read.Gahh,I'm not complaining.I absolutely love to read.I find reading is fascinating.Its like your own imagination.You can imagine anything you want.ANYTHING.haha,so i guess now you know why i love to read so much.My favourite book is of course the twilight saga. :D I don't know why i love it so much.When i open the book,its just automatically I'm in the zone.You know,like when you watch a week its the new episode.I automatically continue just like that when i read.That is also the many reason why i love to read.Plus reading is not a waste of time.cehh,ha ha.

Now I'm practising on my piano.not actually a piano its an organ.ha ha,well I'm not that good so my mom bought me an organ for my birthday.I said to my mom' No need to buy the expensive one la.I'm not that good' ha ha.Now I cant stop playing Coldplay song the scientist.If you pay close attention to the lyrics.Its totally suitable for Edward perspective in new moon in my opinion.That's why i like to play it so much.Next song on my list to play is Sum 41-Pieces.Pieces is kinda like my song.Its explain most about can check out the lyrics.I know the lyrics are kinda you know.ha ha,but i don't know.I connect with song so its not my fault. ha ha,okay I'm off.I'm really busting my ass to finish all the books so see ya.

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