Saturday, July 12, 2008

Movie Geek!

Journey to the center of the earth



Today,as usual my dad and my brother,we went to see a movie called the journey to the center of the quite surprised,i actually enjoyed it.We laughed a LOT.haha.after the movie finished,we ate then balik.BUT,hold on.Kne gi starbucks i order la cream chocolate chip.sedapp and my brother order frappucino caramel.Then,beli big apple.big apple sama mcm donuts.x boleh beza antara dua kedai donut ni.dua2 sedap.lepas beli donut,balik rumah because ade tuition .At tuition best gler,unfortunately,kwn rapat x dtg.sedih.sorang je dtg JAZ!.That day subject Bm and math.Math best gler sbb ada test linear equations.suka subject tu.haha,abis tuition pegi 7-e.beli ais cream and magazine and at night tgk movie at my living room.tgk citer cloverfield.seriusly that movie was scary and lain daripada again enjoyed it.And right now tgh typing.

see ya,cyberspacer

The A

Have you ever feel lonely?

Well,the simple answer to that question is of course yeah.everybody feels lonely all the for me just sometimes.I have the greatest friends they cheer me up and make me feel better when im down.They also dont bother me when im in a bad mood.People always ask me the same question everytime.'Asal x de boyfriend?' to me nahh,i dont have time for that but im not saying i dont want to but it depends.When the time is right,then its right.betul x?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Babyyeah


Its friday,baby.ha ha,friday is like the best day ever because its the last day of the weekend.Usually every friday,my whole family ramai-ramai tgk movie using the i think its supposed to be what happen in vegas.i think.haha,but whatever at school pown best.Rasa kt sekolah sekejap je, tiba2 dh abis sekolah.Then,my classmate sume g makan kat anjung.Td,i mkn nasi goreng kampung cina (rm3.50),Ais kosong(O.2o) and ice blended latte(3.50) so total Rm 7.20.puas hati.kenyang gler.
Oh tomorrow tgk journey to the center of the earth.omg,x sabar.ade josh hutcherson.comel die.and ade brendan frasier who is also famous of the role o'connel in the mummy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Awesome Day.

Today i woke up around 10 am.pretty early for me and its Sunday so yeah.i had to woke up early because my dad,my brother and i booked a ticket movie on the Internet to see Hancock.we went to pavilion.awesome theatre BTW.he he,first,i bought the popcorn and hot dog 1901(new york chicken or is it Texas ted?)nah,never mind.the movie starts at 11.45am.hancock was funny and a whole lot adventure but overall my review is just oh-Kay-lah.haha,i did enjoyed it but it would have been so much better in my opinion.after the movie finished,we ate.then,i pegi chameleon(ooh best ) the price at this shop is sooo cheap.geram sgt i bought a headband and an earing total only 8.20.oh yeah,i bought donut.damn those donuts are delicious.i bought a dozen. :D.then balik.actually ader byk lagi cter tp ngantok la.hihi, k lah nk tido. he he, :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Deep Down Fried

Today was an interesting day.I slept late last night and dapat la balasan sleepy la dlm class but still focus.Oh,during geography class,my teacher ask the whole class to memorised peta-peta di Malaysia and labelkan.i was like okay i can do that.I pun buat la dengan hati yang begitu tekun.ada 8 tempat cikgu suruh labelkan and i got 7/8.okay lah tu.hihi.Then,berbunyi la loceng sekolah tanda masa untuk balik! yay,itu favourite.Usually i balik dengan my friend,hanis.hanis ni mcm gila sengal skit so best kawan ngan dier.ahaha,time habis sekolah je apa lagi beli ice-cream la.mcm budak-budak.oh jgn main2 sometimes biler ice-cream from pak cik india tu boleh habis duit.sbb sedap. x).
tiba2,hanis bagitau ari ni pak cik van die datang awal so x leh cakap2.Then,i terjumpa my friend,shahirah.Dulu2, she usually balik jalan kaki ngan i and citer mcm2.hehe,die ckp 'eh ari ni kita balik jalan kaki ngan awk boleh?' of course i said yes.on the way,nk blk rumah ternampak pakcik jual roti nampak sedap and ramai giler beli.bab2 makanan ni jgn cakap la kn for sure nak so ambik duit beli roti blueberry :).dlm perjalanan tu,we talked and talked time kiteorg standard school agak lawak teringat balik.x matang langsung time tu.tgh best sgt citer tgk2 dier punyer rumah dh nk dekat .die ckp bye.i pown bye.haha,
blk rumah terus bukak baju.heh,bukan semua.panas and berpeluh.bagi cool down dulu then baru mandi.mandi pakai sabun lifebuoy fuhh sedap gile.hihi,then mummy balik beli mcd.yayyyyyyyyyyy! mcchicken and double cheese mummy beli.genyang and mengantuk nk tidu tp x elok tidur lps pukul 4:30 so thn je.ehh,x sembahyang asar lagi la.gtg

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