Friday, October 31, 2008

I Think I Just Stop Breathing

WOAHH! Now im totally excited for the movie to arrive in Malaysia.Oh god,I can't take this anymore.

**SPOILER WARNING- Do not click if you do not want to be spoiled. [8 min. scene]**

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am just speechless watching the video.Not really most of the time i was hyperventilating.damn,their chemistry is so hot.ha ha,i think this movie is going to be awesome! pure awesome! :D


Ah,Mac just cracks me up.Love him.This is the video made by him.The video is him spoofing the trailer eagle eye. HA HA,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blink 182

Blink 182,the old days

Another band that i truly truly miss.Blink 182 used to be my favourite band and its still is although the band already split.The band formed in 1992 and DeLonge left the group in early 2005.Yeah,its pretty sad when i found that they split and yeah you know this things happen.The group consist of three members which is guitarist Tom DeLonge, drummer Travis Barker and vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus.I love blink 182 same as I like Busted because they wrote their own songs.The music is amazing and catchy.They are also very original and unique.Nobody can replace them.

Angels and airwaves.Every things magic. ;)

Plus 44.No it isn't is probably the saddest song from plus 44.Its about they splitting up with tom.

When blink 182 split,they went their separate ways.Tom created a new band called angels and airwaves while Travis and mark created a band called plus 44.Angels and airwaves is very different from blink 182.The music is epic and inspiring.Everything is just magic with angels and airwaves.Plus 44 on the other hand the music is a little bit similar with blink 182 but I love the band too.Some people hate angels and airwaves,some people hate plus 44.As for me I love them both for their own music.I find their music sooths me.Although blink 182 is forever gone but I still miss them and their song.I heard they maybe having a reunion.Travis said to a reporter July 2008 so i hope its true.It is so good to see them back. :)

Quote from Travis;

I don't know. You know, to be honest with you, I haven't spoken to Tom [DeLonge] in three years. I speak to Mark [Hoppus] every day, he's one of my greatest friends, so...that's the status of that. I think everyone would have to be friends, and I think we'd all have to want to do it in order for it to happen.


Can't wait

This Saturday,maybe nan,jaz and I will go out.Gah,i hope so.The last time was probably at secret recipe.Well,this is different more like KLCC.Ha ha,but i really really hope i can go.Mummy said boleh but x de sape boleh antar kt lrt wangsa maju.kalau mcm tu nk suruh abg antar laa.apparently mummy ckp humph,tidur je dia tu..hahaha,i think boleh kot so i can't wait. ;D


Sorry i haven't update my blog this past few days.ugh,i was so not in the mood because of someone.ah,thankfully i got over it.I found out that you know what i dont care what people think.IF you care so much then you might as well just kill yourself not that i mean you should.Ha ha,anyway my point is that i give up pleasing people so that they FEEL satisfied.Im so sick and tired of it.if you have a problem with me then i will say two words for you SHUT UP.Is not that im being rude or not a good friend its just i can't take it anymore.I've tried to be nice ,tried to be good but apparently its not enough so what can i do? nothing because im no superhero or whatever that can pleased people yeah i hope this someone understand that im not being rude.its just sometimes you cross the know like the lyric of decode paramore 'its boiling in my blood'.that is exactly how i feel!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

out and about part 2

heee,i was bored

ahhh,this the chocolate kt italy tuu. ;DD

mirror die besarr gila so what the hell? tangkap je.hehe


tu air kelapa tu.haha,x abis.ada skit lg la.haha

ahh,my handbag again.seriusly x tau apa ada dlm tu.once i jumpa stokin.hehehe,

kt mydin,i dont know apa benda tu mcm stokin mcm kasut.but apa2 pun i cuba la kn was soft.haha

fauzan pown try jugak.haha

ada jugak jual hoodie jemaah haji malaysia.waaah,bagus2.haha

tgk tu Rm 32.90.haha

Beg superman.whaha,hot oh brandon routh.come on,look at the jaw line.haha,

kakcik pown tangkap jugak. ;DD oh FYI:harga beg tu Rm7.haha

Aunty,we call her lang.haha,tgh carik brg.

x de motif.haha,kt lrt station.

can i tell you something? my feet fricking hurts.HAHA,well to tell you the story why my feet hurts.korang kne bacalah. hehe,before that daddy dh balik from itally.yay,die beli chocolate and bag untuk i.yayyy.haha, ;D

OKAY,here it goes

Yesterday,my cousin and I watched superhero movie and ate donuts.HAHA,I tgk dgn my cousin faizul and fauzan.seriusly superhero movie is not that dissapointing.I enjoyed it although i tgk lama dh cerita pown bila tgk sekali lagi mcm after tgk superhero movie.diorg sume nk tgk harry potter azkaban rasanyer.i nk tgk tp pikir blk god berapa byk kali i dh tgk harry potter dis year.i tgk the whole harry potter from 1-5 dh berpuluh2 kali dh so i gave up.naik atas and watched true blood.oh godd bill hot gilaaaaaaaaaa.but cerita tu agak utk adult la thats why i hate it but overall the story comel,romantic and scary at the same time.after that,i read some manga.heeeeeee.then pum pum tidurr.

I woke up early 8:30 am.haha,x penah dlm sejarah hidup bila cuti bangun awal agak bangga.haha.bgn2 ate breakfast.pastu aunty i ajak i pegi jln2 kt jln abdul rahman.die nk carik all the stuff utk die pegi haji .so i apa lagii ikut laaa,the interesting thing was my aunt pegi haji 21 november 2008 .cuba teka tu tarikh? haha,of course la twilight date release but not at malaysia la dkt US je.haha,coincidence.haha,i think not.haha,so after dh mandi naik kereta pegi terminal putra lrt.naik lrt and turun kt masjid jamek.then jln2 around and around.haha,my aunty and uncle pegi mydin because nk carik all the stuff for haji because kt situ byk i pownn ikut.sambil2 tu i tangkap laa.hehehe,after sume dh abis beli kteorg keluar.then pegi cari makanan.I mkn nasi ayam and minum air cousin,faizul die nk air kelapa.sat gi sampai air kelapa dia BAPAK besarr gila.hahah,i ader tangkap gambar air kelapa tu.haha,abis mkn .uncle and fauzan and faizul nk blk because takut uncle i penat because ari ni kne blk penang jugak so give him some time to apa lagi we chicas meaning my aunty,me and kakcik! g round2 la.pegi sogo.aunty i nk belanja kasut but ntah none of the shoes kt situ appeal to x beli.agak moody gak la perjalanan blk sbb kaki penat gler jalan sana jalan mintak maaf ekk.hahahah,lps tu kteorg balik pastu suruh my mom ambik kteorg kt wangsa maju.

Td,baru je my aunty and uncle blk.around 6;15 mcm tu i said goodbye to them.rinduu laa.hahah,and and kakcik pown balik so bye2 kt die jugak but no need to worry because my mom ckp nnati bile my aunty g haji diorg hang out kt rumah boleh ajak faizul tgk twilight dgn my brother.MWAHAHAHAHA,okay,im off and kaki still sakit.haha,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Out and About,baby

Haha,kte mkn rambut dia.haha

my bro,me and kakcik!!

fauzan,lang and the one the only my mummy. ;)

Sedap oohh,hahah


cehh,mcm mkn sayur je.haha

a bit blur.haha

damn,look at the hair.haihh, hahah -_-'

yum yum steamboat

fauzan and faizul


haha,i was bored

ah,the love of my mp3.hahaha


my flip flop.actually bukan flip flop.i panggil dia gummy.haha because sbb comfortable mcm jln ats gummy.haha

dont ask me about my handbag.its a mess.i x tau la apa ada dlm tuuu.haha

the baby girl.aww,comel the headband. ;)

the rob shade.haha

Today,sumpah best gilaaaaa.i woke up around 9.3o then mandi2 sume siap sume then terus bertolak pergi negeri sembilan nk visit my cousin.apparently x boleh bwk die keluar which i dont understand.but whatever her parents ajak i and my other cousin teman diorg sekali so ikut je la. ;D.oh sebelum pergi negeri sembilan siggah kajang jp nk jumpa uncle i punya mak long.ada dis baby baru 5 month.omg comel gler.tembam.she was like just staring at me.comel gila.maybe die tgk contact i kot but still comel.hopefully dpt jumpa dia lg. ;) hahahhaha,my uncle beli kfc and sampai2 kt tkc,seremban.kteorg suma mkn picnic kt pondok kt tempat tu larr.then kteorg borak sume.after that,sembahyang zuhur.ahh,i have a funny story to tell uncle waktu tu dh abis solat so he was going to his car then terserempak this woman which is normala shamsuddin i think she's the host og nona kot.haha,so my uncle said 'oh,puan normala. and then normala tu senyum.hahaha,i know its not that funny but if you were there sumpah kelakar the way my uncle said it.haha,abis solat kteorg bertolak balik kl.sebelum tu ckp bye2 kt my cousin syira.oh die x sbr gila nk blk her hometown,penang so die ckp ada lg 14 hari lg sekolah minus deepavali and weekends.hahaha,syira syira.comel je.

On the way balik i x buat pape sgt because byk dgr mp3 and baca manga.haha,agak traffic jam gak la kt highway.sampai kl around 7.00 pm.tanpa menunggu masa.haha,kteorg sume cadang nk mkn dinner kt luar and sambil tu celebrate my birthday.^_^ heeee,kteorg mkn dkt jaya jusco johny.mkn steam boat.sampai nk mkn tu semua org kt table tu pandang kt kteorg.haha,maybe its because my brother punya hair.hahahahah,so tanpa segan silu lalu je.haha,the waiter mintak mom kata nk set C.I ngan cousin I gelak because it sounded like sexy.HAHAHAHAHAH,so order air sume.sampai steamboat apa lg kte steam kt la mknan sume.haha,mkn2 sambil menangkap gambar.waktu tu i ckp hey,jom tangkap gambar mkn rambut my brother hair guna my cousin mcm thats not bad i suruh my other cousin,faizul tangkap gambar kteorg.bila dh finish tangkap, nk tgk gambar la kn.tgk my uncle pown join skali ngan chopstick die.HAHAHA,so it was pretty funny,haha.abis mkn apa lg beli big apple donut la.betul ckp jaz.big apple the best! haha,i order dozen kali ni.haha,and ice latte.mcm biasa.after that, sekarang baru sampai rumah tgh upload all the pictures.i hope you guys enjoy. ;DD

Friday, October 24, 2008


Just thinking of rob. hahaha

what are you looking at? haha


Yesterday,I slept late, as a result i woke up late this morning.I woke up around 12 o clock.ha ha,I watched friends on my mom's laptop.It got funnier and funnier so it was hard to fell asleep.all of a sudden i managed to fall asleep.yay for me.ha ha,

Today,my cousin from Penang are coming here.yay.haha,diorg dtg sbb nk ambik their sister dkt negeri sembilan.I nkkkkkk sgt main ice skating.hopefully boleh main.hmmphh,ari isnin ada plans ngan kengkawan but not really sure boleh mom x kasi green light lagi -_-(tiru adlin) haha,but nkkkkkkkk sgt.let the chips fall as they may.haha,

Today jugak i watched friends byk gila gila.friends is like the best tv show ever.I suka joey.comel but terus bendul betol.ross pown sukaaaaaa jugak.geeky in a good for chandler sarcasm is his middle name.there this one scene which i find very funny.

Joey: Rach, you gotta find out if he's in the same place you are. Otherwise, it's just a moo point.
Rachel: A moo point?
Joey: Yeah. It's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo.
Rachel: Have I been living with him too long or did that all just make sense?

bengong oh joey.ahh,there's more...

[Chandler fell asleep, during Joey's movie. The credits roll, and Chandler wakes up]
Chandler: Great show. Good work, Joey.
Joey: You liked it?
Chandler: Liked it? I loved it.
Joey: What did you like best about it?
Chandler: I liked... everything the whole show.
Joey: What about the specifics?
Chandler: Specifics? Specifics were the best part.
Joey: What about the scene with the kangaroo?
Chandler: I... I was surprised to see a kangaroo in a World War I epic.
Joey: You fell asleep. There was no kangaroo. They didn't take any of my suggestions


Joey: I am telling this to Rachel.
Monica: No, Joey.
Joey: Unless...
Chandler: Unless what?
Joey: Unless you name your first born after me.
Chandler: What? Why?
Joey: Because, I may never have kids. Somebody's gonna have to carry on my family name.
Chandler: Your family name is Tribianni.
Joey: Oh ho ho. You almost had me there.


Monica: Look, Chandler, I feel really bad about this. Please have this bachelor party.
Chandler: No.
Monica: Stop being a baby and watch the hot woman get naked.
Chandler: ...All right.
Joey: YEAH.
Chandler: But, I'm only doing this for you... And Joey.
Monica: Ok, so who's going to be there?
Chandler: No, no, no. Just Ross and Joey is humiliating enough.
Ross: Well, actually, I have a date tonight.
Chandler: Yeah, I understand. What kind of guy would blow off a date for a fake bachelor party.
Joey: [on cell phone] Yeah, baby, I'm not gonna make it tonight...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


James,The cute one.Aww,James comel. ;) eh eh,shades sama la.hahah

Charlie.The HOT one.God,mata dia topaz kot. ;D

Ahh,the old days.I miss busted. :(

Love the shoe,james. ;)

Omg,lain gila muka diorg muda2.

Come back,busted!

Matt,the naughty one.haha

Gahh,I miss busted.You know the band busted? yeah,i miss them.I used to listen to them when i was in the fith or sixth grade.I even hafal all the lyrics and nyanyi and dance to the music.lame i know.hahaha,The busted band consist of three members.Charlie simpson,James Bourne And Matt willis.They split in 2005 because Charlie Simpson's time spent outside the band with other bands was beginning to cause tensions within the band, illustrated when he failed to turn up for several appearances over the course of 2004. Rumours then started to circulate that bitter rows not too dissimilar to that of when All Saints broke up escalated, but these have all subsequently denied by the band in their later solo ventures.

Simpson announced to the other Busted members on 24 December 2004 over a phone call that he was no longer a member of the band. Although this was never talked about Matt and James feared this would happen after an announcement on their last sell-out night in Wembley Arena for "A Ticket For Everybody... Else Tour" from their managers that Charlie may be leaving to pursue Fightstar full time. On the 13 January 2005, Busted's record label announced a press conference was to be held in London the following day. The next day, the 14th, it was then announced to everyone present that Busted were splitting up after Charlie’s departure weeks before. After two and a half years of success Busted would be no more.

I sad.These are some songs from busted. ;D btw,i love all of them.ahh,i wish they come back.

1.What I got to school for <3

2.Year 3000 <3

3.Sleeping with the light on <3

4.Crashed the wedding <3

5.Who's David <3

6.Air Hostess <3

7.Thunderbirds are go <3

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Girl,haha

Muka seorang yg terlalu happy.haha.jaz kata mcm evil.

The title says it all.ha ha,today is my birthday.hee,21 October.Td school was so boring kot with the taklimat and everything.haha but the best thing all my friends wished me happy,thanks you guys.sayang korang.haha,jaz jumpa terus 'fifahhhh,happy birthday!!'haha.hmm kalau yang rasyiqa kne terima kasih byk2 haha,sbb die wish byk gila.hahahaha,

Oh,one more was the day i fell in love reading Japanese novel (Manga).Thanks to jaz.hehe,the first book i read was ehh,god lupa laa tajuk dia.haha,post something tajuk dia.haha,nevermind.moving on,blk sekolah jln kaki ngan jaz.jaz tumpang jp stay rumah to tukar baju and wait for my mom balik so she can hantar kteorg g secret recipe.kt rumah sementara wiat for mym mom tgk tv jp.tgk video music awards.ada rob. ;) ahhaha.kt secret recipe nk celebrate birthday I,jaz and nan.So 3 in 1 ah.first agak lembap ah nan and farah nk sampai.haha,kteorg mcm mana la si nan niii.jauh sgt ke? haha, pas2 tgk2 diorg sampai.pastu kteorg order kt the waiter.I order chicken corben bleu haha,nan teringat corbin bleu.haha,and bulu ketiak corbin.haha,i know.then jaz order spaghetti and nan order roasted chicken farah order air kosong sbb dia terlupa bwk duit.I order ice cream smarties.heee,mkns sumpah kenyang gila.borak semua then rasa2 mcm nk order cake.mula nk order cake apple.guess what sbb apa? you got that right sbb twilight.haha,tgk the waiter ckp umm,yg apple suma x de.i ckp 'hmmm,dh nasib kita' haha.jaz gelak kuat oh.haha,then mkn cake sumpah kenyang.then nan and jaz nk tangkap gambar suap the cake kt I.pastu diorg suap comot2.haha,lps dh abis mkn sume mintak sume 72.35.i byr 50 ringgit.yg lain2 tu pandai tambah.haha,x pe la byr lebih skit diorg dh byk jugak belanja i so i ikhlas .haha,blk2 from secret recipe terjumpa yang rasyiqa and her boyfriend nk mkn kt kfc.die ckp happy birthday kt I.peluk I.haha,pastu die ckp happy birthday lagi and again and again and again.haha,pastu biler dh nk say goodbye die peluk lg.pastu die ckp 'jp ketiak kte busuk x? 'hahaha,yang yang yang.lps tu kteorg g blk tution titian cahaya tok teman kn nan and farah.sambil dlm perjalanan tu teman jaz pulak pegi weststar.lps tu farah sempat tangkap gambar while i was walking. :).sementara menunggu my mom kteorg tangkap gambar dkt the stairs.haha,waktu kteorg tangkap gambar kteorg mcm posing pastu dis kakak lalu mcm pandang kt kiteorg.pastu i nk try to immitate die tiba dia kt dkt terus x jd.hahahaha,byk gak la kteorg tangkap gambar using nan's phone.pukul 4 40 mcm tu my mom sampai so i said goodbye to farah and nan and peluk diorg. ;).masuk dlm kereta terus hantar jaz kt rumah dia pastu ckp bye kt jaz pulak. jaz kasi present comel gler. ;)

after that,my mom ajak g jaya jusco nk beli shoes and handbags.sambil teman my mom i pegi sunglasses department haha,mcm2 sunglasses i mom bought some shoes and mom nk pegi beli grocery jp so i ikut.i beli bedak and sikat.sikat sumpah dh patah kt rumah.haha,then i gi mph beli manga.beli 3 kot.hahaha,then blk rumah.fuhh,penat.blk terus mandi then practise main keyboard lagu the adventure. :).haha,so that about it today's enjoy watching the pictures.haha,

SOS,jaz suruh beli

Check pown jaz suruh beli


Present from Jaz.comel gler. :D


waa,the first three manga i bought.

Nan yg suka cari pasal.haha

Nan and Jaz. :)

Afifah and Farah. :)

haha,saja tangkap gambar ngan colonel.haha

on the way g tuition

yum yum.

haha,jaz and nan saja je shove the cake.

buat muka.haha

i dont know what i was looking.haha

chicken corben bleu ahaha.

Jazzzz. ;D

Nan and Farah.


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