Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm so excited because there is a new series like the planet earth series by discovery channel.It is called Life.I was getting goosebumps for watching the trailer.From the YouTube trailer,narrated by Oprah Winfrey.I just ask dad that the blu ray Life is coming out in June.Dad pre ordered the blu ray Life narrated by David Attenborough.Personally,I love the voice of David Attenborough in planet earth.Its very calm and soothing. I love watching this kind of stuff about nature and animals.I guess I feel very inspired and calm watching it.It is never boring to me watching this kind of series.I know,someone would think that 'is that kinda boring?'let me tell you something,there is nothing boring about learning the earth and nature.How can you say boring watching the seas,the fishes,the mountains and how animals fight for their lives.I think that is pretty fucking impressive.I respect the crew and everybody involves making this series.It takes a lot of work and guts.Not to mention,this project takes about 3 years to complete.Over 1000 videos and images.Imagine the crew have go to this all kind of places,just to make this series happen.See the adventure they see.

Here's the trailer. :D I can't wait to watch this.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shane Dawson

Where can i begin to explain Shane Dawson.He's one of my favourite comedian on Youtube.He is hilarious.The best thing about him is that he has a new video every saturday which is like an icing on a cake.Some of his videos are kinda gross but I kinda got used to it.To think about it,they were really funny but in disgusting way.haha,He has a second channel.The second one,he's usually talks about current issues and his own opinion on everything.I love both of his channel.I love his ultra ego's.He has so many of them in his video.My favourite has got to be Shananay.She tells it like it is.

Here's one of his famous videos.Title :Why was i born?.He's very talented!.I admit I cried watching this.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out and about

My new lights.

I went to KLCC with my dad and brother.As usual we went into the BEST gadgets store.Next,Machines.Followed by,Sony Centre and Flash Gadgets.Other thing the my dad and my brother have in common with me,besides movies and TV shows,we love gadgets.I was browsing the LED Flat screens.I turn to my right and saw a few of Chinese people in a tux.I thought they had like a seminar or field trip or something.Turns out,they were premiering the very first Samsung 3D HD LED TV.I was like 'Pretty fast for debuting here in Malaysia.' They were setting up and putting the glasses in front of the TV.I went forward immediately and put it on,pretty cool I might add.Next was my brother and my dad.I said to my dad,we gotta have that and put it in our cinema room.NOT like the over the top cinema room from Teen Cribs.Ha ha,

We ate lunch,went to Kinokuniya as usual.I bought some rings.Here are some my collection.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of post.I have so many things to say but I just don't have the time to write it here.Ha ha,I'm studying my ass off.I slept at 1.30 am yesterday,I was doing exercise for accounting.Accounting is hard man.I was planning after my spm result,If i get a good result especially in economy.Insyaallah.I want to apply to University Malaya.I've heard that,the university offer the greatest economy courses and the lecturers are pretty good.It is really nerve wrecking to think about SPM. :/

Here's an articial I've found on the internet.Its in Malay.

SALAH satu bidang pengajian yang popular di peringkat pengajian tinggi terutama di universiti ialah ekonomi.Pengajian ekonomi yang ditawarkan oleh universiti tempatan ialah mengikut keperluan guna tenaga terlatih dengan harapan dapat memimpin dalam pelbagai bidang ekonomi dan industri kini dan masa hadapan.

Peningkatan peranan sektor swasta yang semakin penting dalam ekonomi negara telah meningkatkan pertumbuhan ekonomi. Keadaan ini menyebabkan semakin banyak peluang pekerjaan dan keperluan guna tenaga di bidang ekonomi.

Sebenarnya, sejak di peringkat sekolah menengah lagi pelajar telah didedahkan dengan mata pelajaran Ekonomi Asas serta yang yang berkaitan dengannya.

Manakala di universiti, pelajar mempelajari bidang ini dengan lebih mendalam dan meluas.

Pengajian bidang ekonomi di universiti mempunyai pelbagai pengkhususan. Universiti Malaya (UM) mengkhusus di bidang Pengajian Pentadbiran dan Politik, Ekonomi Gunaan, Ekonomi Analisa, Pengajian Pembangunan dan Statistik Gunaan.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) misalnya menawarkan pengkhususan ekonomi dasar awam, ekonomi antarabangsa, ekonomi industri, ekonomi sumber manusia, ekonomi pembangunan pertanian dan ekonomi Islam.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) pula menawarkan pengkhususan di bidang ekonomi perdagangan dan perniagaan antarabangsa.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) pula menawarkan pengkhususan di bidang ekonomi dan perniagaan antarabangsa, ekonomi industri dan organisasi, ekonomi pemasaran dan ekonomi industri perkhidmatan.

Program pengajian ekonomi ini antara lain bertujuan menghasilkan lulusan yang mahir dalam bidang ekonomi bagi memenuhi keperluan tenaga kerja negara yang semakin tinggi dari segi permintaannya.

Semasa pengajian di universiti, pelajar akan diajar tentang pengetahuan asas ekonomi termasuk teori, permintaan dan penawaran, struktur pasaran dan pengeluaran, sehingga kepada pengajian ekonomi makro yang lebih luas mencakupi ekonomi negara dan perdagangan antarabangsa.

Pelajar juga didedahkan dengan komputer dan sistem maklumat ekonomi.

Lulusan di bidang ini tidak menghadapi masalah untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan.

Mereka boleh berkhidmat di institusi-institusi kewangan, industri-industri, sektor awam dan sektor swasta sebagai eksekutif, pengurus, pentadbir, ahli ekonomi, penyelidik, pegawai perancang ekonomi serta jawatan lain seperti guru dan pensyarah bidang ekonomi.


(i) Meminati profesion ini

(ii) Mempunyai pengetahuan tentang ekonomi dan perniagaan

(iii) Mempunyai pengetahuan dibidang matematik

(iv) Mempunyai asas statistik

(v) Mahir menggunakan komputer

(vi) Mampu menganalisis tentang perkembangan ekonomi

(vii) Sentiasa mengikuti perkembangan ekonomi negara dan antarabangsa


Pelajar yang berminat dan memilih kerjaya di bidang ini perlu memiliki ijazah sarjana muda di bidang ekonomi (pelbagai pengkhususan) dari universiti tempatan atau universiti luar negara yang diiktiraf oleh kerajaan.


Kebanyakan universiti tempatan menawarkan program ekonomi di peringkat sarjana muda. Ini termasuk UKM, UM, KUSTEM, UUM, UNIMAS, UPM, UMS, UIAM, USM, UPSI dan KUIM.

Universiti-universiti luar negara juga banyak menawarkan program ini seperti di Amerika Syarikat, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand dan Kanada.

Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) dan Majlis Amanah rakyat (Mara) melalui beberapa program pengajian ijazah universiti luar negara turut menghantar pelajar lepasan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) ke universiti-universiti luar negara seperti di Amerika Syarikat, United Kingdom, New Zealand dan Australia.


Terdapat beberapa cara untuk melanjutkan pengajian di bidang ini.

Cara pertama: Di bawah program pengajian luar negara tajaan JPA dan Mara pelajar perlu lulus cemerlang peperiksaan SPM dengan mendapat kepujian Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik Tambahan, Ekonomi Asas atau Perdagangan atau Prinsip Akaun.

Cara kedua: Untuk mengikuti pengajian di peringkat matrikulasi selama satu tahun, pelajar perlu lulus cemerlang Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Vokasional (SPMV) serta mendapat kepujian dalam Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik serta mata pelajaran Ekonomi Asas, Perdagangan dan Prinsip Akaun. Selepas menamatkan pengajian pelajar akan ditawarkan mengikuti pengajian di peringkat sarjana muda.

Cara ketiga: Pelajar perlu lulus peperiksaan Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) dengan mendapat keputusan yang baik dalam mata pelajaran Pengajian Am dan Ekonomi. Selain itu, pelajar perlu mendapat kepujian dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Matematik di peringkat SPM.

Cara keempat: Beberapa universiti juga mengambil pelajar di bawah kes khas. Melalui cara ini, pelajar perlu mempunyai diploma atau sijil di bidang ekonomi, perniagaan pengurusan atau perakaunan dari UiTM atau Politeknik Kementerian Pelajaran.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I've always love Coldplay.Chris Martin has an amazing voice.Gwyneth Paltrow is a very lucky girl indeed.I would be deeply touched if someone sing me this song.The scientist-Coldplay.There is something about this song.I fell in love once again with this song. It's just the lyrics, the feelings that come out of them, Chris Martin's voice.

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard

My favourite part of the lyrics.I even try my best to find Chris Martin singing live and acoustic of this song.I've found it.Both are just amazing.Besides the scientist,I love Lovers in Japan,Yellow,Fix You,Lost,Viva La Vida,Clocks,In My Place and Violet Hill.Let me just say that Coldplay with always be one of my favourite bands.

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