Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now I'm really depressed

Left-My first brother,Second Brother,Me


My brother went back to perak today.I'm sad because he's like my best friend.I can share things with him about twilight,Robert Pattinson and new moon.Haha,he would make his ughh not this again faces.ha ha,I had a good time with him last week.We went to Bangi Kopitiam to drink some coffee then we made ice blended together.That was a lot of fun.We watched Hell boy 2 together.He said he will probably be back next month. :( Mimie and Chucky are gone too.I never thought I would miss those two cuties.I played with them for a little while before my brother packs thing up and put it in his car.My first brother is still home but he's a little busy with his studies.I get along with my two brothers well but I guess since my second brother stays in Perak which is far while my first brother university is only in Cyberjaya.So I see him every week.Test is near.This Tuesday and I'm freaking out.I just finished studying History.I hope I can remember all those frigging facts.Ha ha,well I'm off to watch everybody loves raymond.To heal my headache from reading.

Earth Hour

Earth is so beautiful. :)

It was a pleasant experience with my family.We switched off our light at 8:30 pm.Then,i went out with my brother since dad asked it to buy something.I saw KLCC without the lights on and its was a really good experience.Many people step off from their car and went outside to see it.I forgot to bring my SLR.Greattt.haha,its okay.better luck next time.hopefully,there will be.I have my opinion that people should switch off their light time to time,and conserving energy more efficiently.Like changing their light bulbs and buy new energy saver light bulbs.People should not just stop doing this after earth hour.They should be doing this every single day.That's what I'm afraid about.Mostly,people are interested activities like earth hour since it is fun and has a good message.Earth Hour is a probably a publicity stunt.a good publicity stunt.I'm not saying anything bad about earth hour.this is just my opinion that many people would just stop after they are doing earth hour.I'm am really scared since Earth is getting older and older.too many humans living it in.Meaning more global warming .I've watched An inconvenient truth on my brother laptop last year or two years ago.It kinda opened my eyes.What will happen when water level rises in the ocean?.Most of the country will sink including Malaysia.Indonesia is the saver because of their big mountains.If Indonesia is not beside us Malaysia will be long gone.I hope if someone is reading this,keep conversing energy.If its hard to do,do it little by little.Hey,even I'm trying my best here so good luck. :)


Mimie and Chucky are back.They are getting really big.Haha,they ate a lot really a lot.My brother said he is going to sell the guinea pig because they're getting bigger so its more difficult to take care of them.Its really sad but its kinda true.I like chucky more than mimie.haha,Main thing is because Chucky is more relax and cool while mimie here is always jumping there and running there.But i love Mimie's hair.My brother called it 'Beckham'.

Tomorrow,my brother is going back to Perak.Again,a very sad moment.Test is this week.Arghh,I;m so scared especially History,Add Math,Account,all of the subjects because its very different from other test.Its much more hard since its subjective.Ah,I'm praying so that I can do it.I hope i can do it.Oh,I'm now drinking cappuccino chocolate chip ice blended. ;p

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



My Other Brand Of Heroin.

I got back from school.I bought an ice blended latte near the school.I brought it home and suddenly my brother want some so he bought it too.Ha ha,but but the most awesome thing happen today is so many blu ray package from amazon arrived. :DD I was tempted to open although i know twilight blu ray haven't release yet.Stupid summit! but the original dvd has released.I want the blu ray but i guess i have to wait.I told dad a million times about the blu ray and I saw his account on his wish list section and twilight blu ray is in. :D which even makes me more happy. :DD Ahh,i love dad's collection of blu ray.Its mouth-watering. He he,not in the food kind of way just the special features is awesome plus the picture is so fucking greatt.I'm just happy today. :]

Mimie and Chucky are going to be taken care by my brother gf today.A sad moment.I hope i can see them again. :( When they eat i just want to snuggle them.Their just adorable.

Monday, March 23, 2009




Mimie And Chucky. :)

All my brothers are home which is a bonus.I'm so happy.Beyond excited.My brother who is Perak just came back last saturday and he brought a pet.He bought it with his girlfriend.Its a guinea pig and its so cute.There's two of them.Female and Male.Mimie and Chucky. ^-^ but unfortunately my brother is giving them back to his girlfriend tomorrow.I'm kinda sad.I guess i bond with them by giving them food and playing with them.Ahh,i hate saying goodbye.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fashion Icon

I gotta say my fashion icon is Kristen Stewart.Hands down.I just love her sense of style she can be classy and beautiful or she can be casual and chic.Like i said in my previous post my sense of style relate to Kristen and Rob sometimes.If I'm going to buy a cardigan or clothes i would ask myself 'would Kristen wore this? or or 'Is this Rob favourite colour?' Call me whatever you want.Obsessive or Addictive.I don't care.The main thing is Kristen is a complicated and shy person.She's different and that's why I love her.Did i say she is fucking beautiful?.She has the most flawless skin ever.I'm envious.He he,

I saw a picture of Kristen holding a creme cappuccino handbag and I said 'I WANT THAT'.Ha ha,I saw her wearing this pair of vans sneakers I said 'I WANT THAT TOO'.You might think I'm a poser or copying people style.The truth is that I don't tend to be that way.I just add little something that makes it different.So the point is I find my inspiration from looking at Kristen wardrobe. :D Ha,that's the perfect explanation.

I hope i get to meet Rob and Kristen someday.Don't forget all of the cast. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I had the cutest experience ever.My first brother was going back to his college which is MMU,Cyberjaya.My mom and my brother heard a kitten meow-ing.HAHA,they were two kittens and they are so adorable.I can handle kittens but i dont know kadang2 mcm geli skit.not in a bad way la. pegang2 sikit boleh :).Its just the way I was born in.My brother was playing with the kittens and mom was giving them some milk because they look thirsty.Dad said my brother should take the kittens to a near Pet store because he was scared the kittens could ran over a car.Its so cutee.Now I kinda miss the kittens.Oh well,I bet they could find a owner.Oh,I hope so. :) Here are some pictures taken with the new SLR, :D Enjoy,

Abg tercinta. :D

Friday, March 13, 2009


My new sneakers taken with the new SLR.

I'm really sorry.I haven't update my blog in a very long timeee.Hehe,busy lately with homework and stuff.First thing first is I finally got my grey converse.The same as Rob when he wore to the Vanity Fair photo shoot. :) My fashion sense now relate to Rob and Kristen.I know I know,its weird and can't help it.hahha,I bought last week or two.

The second thing is Dad finally bought DSLR. :DDD Superrrr excited.I'm having so much fun playing around with it and taking pictures.This is another example why my dad rocks.I really love it so much.The third thing is what the hell happen at school today? That's another funny story.We hang out at the school all.We as in myself,Illiya,Sya and Faris.We talk and talk then suddenly Faris told some stuff about he once climbed a ladder in the school hall which leads to hidden upstage.i think.haha,so he was climbing the ladder first since we begged him too.Next was Sya,she was so fucking brave.Kudos to her.Illiya was next on the line.She could'nt do it.I was really excited and very confident then suddenly faris said this 'fifah,kalau naik senang tau,tp nnt bile turut takut skit' haha that time cuak sikit.Terus called off.HAHA,i know i'm so LAME.Better luck next time. :) *menggedik Nan nk kata penakut cuba sikit. HAHA,I went tuition today.BM,Add Math and Math.Add Math was super funn. :) I hate chapter4 math.Math was supposed to have just numbers.Ughh,even though its a pretty simple topic but i really dont know why i hate it so much.

Oh oh,I just add The Hand Me Down Kids at my space.I saw their video on YouTube not actually their video other people upload it.They sang my favourite song which is The Adventure and the coolest thing was they made it acoustic and their own style.Lamoni voice is so soothing. :) Suddenly they sent this to me.

I reply saying this(since the hide their comments)

*Sure,I would totally vote for you guys.Even though I live far far away.Malaysia to be exact.You guys are AMAZING and keep on rocking! ;)

I thought they wont reply it since they're busy and all but they actually replied.Lamoni replied :DD.Its such a simple thank you but it brightens up my day so much.Thank you, Lamoni <33.

Lamoni is the one holding the duck. ;D Ha ha,they are so funny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Now,I really love my class.They're so much fun.We have like a little gang.When there's a relief teacher in our class.We would talk pretty much everything.just now,we talked secondary school,the teachers and how we missed it so much.I said something about that when I was like 10 or 11 i thought that time was moving so slow but now I'm in high school everything is just going way too fast.Next year,I'm going to be a senior and puff what happen then? that's the scary part.I have so much fun today.Looking forward for tomorrow. ;)

I just asked my dad that he should pre order the twilight DVD blu ray at amazon.Ha ha,I think he's definitely going to buy it.I've been talking about it on and on.hehe, ;D

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