Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iqbal's sister wedding

Busy man of the hour. :D

I just got back home about 12.30 am.Took a ride with Leya's brother.My parents gave Leya and Zana a ride to the wedding.Before that,I did Zana's makeup.I was supposed to makeup Leya next but ran out of time.We arrived there 8.15pm.We were just waiting for the boys to come.About 10 minutes later saw Danny and the gang.Wow,what a relief.I had a blast taking pictures with my friends.Thank you Iqbal for inviting us. :) Tell you the truth,I'm feeling kinda bloated and sleepy due to the eating.There was some awkward moments.Here and there.Ha ha,you know what I'm talking about but hey what's life without awkward little moments.There were some Malay celebrities ,actually they were sitting in front of us.The food was delicious so as the ice cream.Overall,I had a really really great time.I'm kinda sleepy right now so I'll leave you guys with the pictures. :D

Finally,I'm wearing my platform. :D

With Iqbal's brother.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Test week is finally over.Not just yet,I have another paper tomorrow.Add Maths and History.Great! That's like my favourite paper.Seriously,I don't know how to memorise any of the facts for history.Anybody got any ideas,tell me please.My head is just waiting to burst.If all the questions is in objective that will be a relieve but nooooo they have to put a subjective to test our knowledge.Since my brother always scored for history,I'm gonna ask him how the hell does he do it.

Moving on,I finally finished reading Diary of a wimpy kid-The last straw.I had a pretty good laugh reading that book.I have so many books on my reading list but I'm going to put it on hold.I'll try to read one book per month.If I can manged to finish it.The most important to me right now is studying.I'm really working my ass off.I haven't got any enough sleep and constant headache.I guess this is what it feels like being a form 5 students.Lots and lots of sacrifice.Hate it or Love it you know you got to do it for the sake of your education.When I was in form 4,I was pretty lay back on the whole studying thing but since I've seen the schedule for SPM.It just hit me,I should be studying now.After tomorrow's test,I'm going to take one day off from studying.Starting from Saturday,I'll have to continue studying.Okay,this is the update of the week.As for now,I'm going to revise add maths and history.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dream on

This year there's a lot of talented American singers.Yes,you know what I'm talking about.American Idol.I watched it last night result show.Even i was getting cold feet.I wondered how they were actually feeling sitting in that room and just waiting patiently for the results.I felt that feeling before.Just waiting for your paper result.You don't want to set your expectation too high or too low.Scared that it will end badly in both ways.Well,that feeling is part of parcels in our life.Hate it or love it,it will always be there to haunt you.I was very anxious to see my favourite contestant to make it through.I felt a little disappointed because some of favourite didn't make it.I was beyond ecstatic when Didi Benami,Andrew Garcia,Lily Scott,Janell,Haeley Vaughn and Casey James succeed into the top 24.Casey James is cute,no wonder Kara has a crush on him.I mean look at him.He's adorable with his long blond hair,his plaid t-shirt with baggy jeans not to mention his acoustic guitar.He has that country image going on.I like. :D

I just got back from tuition.Subjects BM and BI.Had a good laugh with Nan.Here's our conversation.

Translate to English,If its in Malay is sound more...authentic.

Me:Nan,do you who's boyfriend now? His name is Logan Lerman.The guy from Percy Jackson.

Nan:Oh,you mean the lightning thief?

Me:Yes,that one.Yesterday,he came to my house.Just waiting for me by my bedroom window.

Nan:How did he get there? Let me guess,by lightning.

I immediately laugh my ass off.It's quite funny in my opinion when she said it.

Me:Yes,he came by lighting.Hear any lighting,means he's there looking for me. hahahahaha,

*suddenly we hear a something outside*

Turns out its only fireworks.Ha ha,I thought Logan was dropping by for a visit. :D If you hear any thunder out there,think of me and Logan sitting on a tree.K I S S I N G.Oh my god,I'm dreaming too much. :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Percy Jackson

My new boyfriend.We're official now.
HAHA,the eyes are his best asset. <33 Blue like the ocean.

Yesterday,went out with my dad and my brother to see Percy Jackson.It's a really fun movie and I enjoyed it to the last bits.I even saved my ticket for personal reasons.Ha ha,I can tell that my dad enjoyed that movie so as my brother.I had a good laugh and its great to spend some time with the 'Boys' in the family.The only thing that matters is I had a fabulous time.

Moving on the fun part,I bought my very first 4.5 inch platform.Now that's really high!.I thought about wearing it when I'm going to Iqbal's sister wedding.The platform is surprisingly comfortable.I thought it was going to hurt like hell.I've worn in the house just for practice and it feels good.It just takes some time to get used to.Never the less,I love my platform.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

One two three

Ah,Holiday is clearly the best.No matter what age you are,what type of work you do.Everyone loves a holiday.Speaking of holiday,I love The Holiday.As in the movie .Random Fact about me. :D
Moving on,
I'm almost seventeen.Form 5 in high school.Holidays are the best but it has its pros and cons.
  • Sleeping late at night and waking up early in the afternoon.Muahaha,
  • Stress free.
  • You can do whatever you want.
  • Online.Duh,
  • Movie night.I mean every night.
  • Meditate. Facial mask! My favourite.

  • Constantly thinking about waking up early to study and sleeping late to study.
  • Constantly thinking about SPM.
  • You want to go out and have so fun but you feel guilty.You should be studying.
  • Yes,you can do whatever you want.Eventually,you will bound to feel regret if you did something that is a waste of time
  • Online but not exactly there.ha ha
  • You can't even meditate because time is running out.
Ha ha,the point is I SHOULD be STUDYING.Fine,I'm going to read Basic Economy.Till then,have a great holiday!.


I'm going to see Percy Jackson tomorrow. :D

The Lovely Bones

Finally,I watched the lovely bones.It was definitely my type of movie.The mysteries,the fantasy and also the supernatural.Even though,I didn't generate positive reviews from critics but I did like it.The only thing I don't like about it is that the story doesn't give the information clearly.It can get a bit confusing but it's fine.You can search on forum to understand it a little bit more.The guy who plays the villain is fucking scary in my opinion.I cringed every time I see him because the thought of 'some thing is really weird with this guy'.If I ever got stuck with him,I don't know what I will do.Scream my head off i guess.Overall,I did enjoy this movie. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010


It was fun making this video.It brings back memories. :D This one is for all my classmates 4 Maju/5 Intelek

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Face warp

Today was fun.Last two days was so tiring that i don't want to even talk about it.Let's continue,I feel really bad for not paying attention in history today.I was so busy face-warping people.Oh my god,face warp is like a gift from god to entertain us all.Ha ha,it never fails to make me laugh.No matter how pretty you are,when you face warp.One word. EPIC.I laughed a lot today.Danny just couldn't stop laughing that I continue on laughing too.You know what i mean?.Leya and Zana join in all the fun.Thanks to raja's Hand phone. :) My agenda for tonight is studying.I have quiz tomorrow which sucks.Not to mention,so many homework that I've put aside that i came to realize "why didn't I finish it when I could?' Ha ha,Mom bought Tom Yam Fried rice for dinner! :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have formspringme now.I've seen many people from tumblr use it so i thought giving it a try.Ask me anything.Ridiculous questions are welcome.Ha ha, :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Take it or leave it

Good day.Since I have not update my blog since Leya's Birthday.I'm gonna give an update for one whole week.
  • Iqbal is getting funnier and annoying everyday.Seriously. ;p
  • I've lost 1 kg.Exercising with my wii using the ea active sports game.
  • Its like my personal trainer but not actually my human personal trainer.It really is tiring doing the exercise.
  • My thighs are hurting like shit.
  • I can't sit down properly.Ha ha,I've been through this.2 days my thighs will be good as normal.If not then..
  • I bought a new bros bottle 'Little Miss Lucky' :D
  • Dad just bought Nur kasih dvd set. *marathon week here i come* :D
  • Bought fake eyelashes.

I think I would die of happiness if someone did this for me. :)

That's about it.As for next week,more exercise,more studying,less napping and less TV. :( I need a facial.Every weekend,I will always bought a mask from watsons/guardian.Favourite brands are Neutrogena,Garnier and Korean products.Smells great and feels good on my skin.I will wear the mask before i go to sleep.Dim the light.Put on my mp3.Listening to Sigur ros.After 20 minutes,all my stress are put aside and I feel really good about myself.The sad thing is since school started I haven't had anytime doing it.I gotta feeling that tonight is the night. Ha ha,sounds weird.I meant that tonight is the night I'm doing the facial.I can't wait! :D

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