Tuesday, June 29, 2010

*Goosebumps Alert*

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows New Trailer

SHIT!!!!! I'm just speechless.

Monday, June 28, 2010


According to Wikipedia,commercial is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization that conveys a message.As you may have noticed,commercials these days are rather flat,nonsense or just ridiculous.Not all of them,some of them are really good.The good ones stands out because of the message or even the music that used in the commercials .Music plays a important role on attracting the people.

The best commercial for the moment for me has got to be this.If you haven't seen it,watch it now.The Samsung 3D LED TV.The duration is only 1.11 minutes but it feels so magical.You kinda wish it was real and wish you were there.I think I talked about the Samsung 3D TV on the previous post.I can't remember what month it was.My dad is really excited about that TV .I would be so happy if he bought it.Well,let's just hope it comes true.Mom always gives a thumbs up for any new gadgets so I think it may just happen.Ha ha.

About the commercial,I first saw this commercial at the cinema.It was full length exactly like this one.I remember I felt such joy and happiness just bursting outside of me.From the moment,they set up the TV.People just walking through the street and glancing up above the blue sky.Just wondering what were they doing setting up the TV.Suddenly,you see a cat looking at the fish bowl.It looks so real,it is just amazing.Then,you have the monkey hanging up on tree.The popcorn just popping through the wall as if anything is possible in this life.The guy face expression when he sees what is actually happening in front of him.The whale swimming in the ocean looks like it was swimming in the lake.The butterflies flying freely hovering over the little kid.And the best of all,the waterfall.That was probably the climax.Ha ha,it was nice to see all the people gathering and trying to take a peek.Not to mention,the music that is playing through the commercial.It fits perfectly.I love discovering new music score.From movies soundtrack to commercials.Yeah,I think that commercial always brings a smile on my face. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight and Day

Probably going to watch Toy Story 3 again next week. :D

I'm extremely tired.Now it is 12.43 am.I just got back from the cinema.I watched Knight and Day with my brother.I have a lots of laugh.It is really laid-back-kinda-movie-where-you-don't-need-to-think-about-the-logic. Ha ha,Cameron Diaz was so funny so as Tom Cruise.Tom cruise was just......how do I say this?.Aha,I know.Tom Cruise was so ingeniously hilarious.Sometimes the movie gets too cheesy but I mean that's the point of laughing.Right? The thing I like the most about this movie was probably the action stuff.Damn,it was the bomb.I mean,I was having goosebumps all over body when the action stuff happens.
I'm gonna summarize my Saturday

  • Woke up at 7.45am.Went breakfast at Bangi Kopitiam with my family.
  • Ordered a toast with scrabble eggs and Teh O Ice.
  • 11.00am.I went out with my brother and father.Checking out the Ipad and the new version of the iPhone.Dad was considering updating his iPhone and buying the Ipad. :O Even I was shocked.Haha
  • Did a bit of shopping.Bought a blazer and a new top.
  • Had lunch.Ate Fettuccine Cabonara Turkey.It was DELICIOUS.
  • Went home around 4.30pm.
  • Took a nap.
  • 8.00 pm went to buy the movie ticket.Showtime start at 9.30pm.
  • Had dinner at TGI Friday with my brother
  • Ate Sizzling Chicken and Cheese.Probably my favorite dish.I also ate Macaroni and Cheese.I know what you're thinking " that's a lot cheese!!"
  • Bought a honey peach ice blended at Cup-Tbon.
  • Sneak in the honey peach ice blended into the cinema ;p
  • Finally,watched Knight and Day.

Even though,I was tired but it was worth it.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i like the night. without the dark we'd never see the stars.

The thing that I like to do at night is see the moon and the stars.I don't why,I just find it very beautiful.Even though,the moon has its dark spots or as I called it "moon pimples".I know,it sounds kinda funny.There just something about the space that captures my attention.On Thursday,I have a tuition at 8pm until 10pm.While I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up,I will always look up the sky to see if there's any moon tonight.If I don't see it,I feel...empty.Counting stars used to be my favorite activity when I visit my grandparents house in Kedah.Kedah has a lot of stars in nighttime.In KL,not so much which is kinda disappointing.You can imagine how i feel when I see something sparkling in the sky.Very happy indeed.

On the other hand,I have some good news.The Life blu ray is finally here.I have already watched 6 episodes out of 8 episodes.All of the footage is truly astonishing.It is really beautiful.The thing that I love about this particular blu ray is that every time the episode ends,it will show Life-on location.I will get to see how the crew did all this amazing stuff and it may look simple but they faced a lot of challenges.I have a huge respect to the crew of the Life team for sacrificing their time in order to achieve the footage.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story

Toy Story 3 really touched my heart.I mean,I really felt what Andy was feeling at the end of the movie.It just amazing how Pixar can basically unite and make this incredible film.I have been watching Toy Story since I was little and seeing Andy goes to college is just over whelming.Over-whelming because this movie practically grows with me.I tried really hard not to cry.There was this one post I saw at Tumblr and I completely agree with it.

I went to see Toy Story 3 with Raja.I had a great time with her playing bowling and karaoke. :D

When you really look at it,the body posture is exactly the same.Haha.Random photo I've found.Taken by Raja.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I finally saw The Karate Kid and I was surprised because it was definitely a lot better than i expected it to be.The movie practically has everything from laughs to sad moments.Serious to inspiring moments.I don't know if I'm making sense here.Ha ha

The name of this nail polish is peach.I love it because it is very simple and it looks nice.

Then,I played bowling.I have a confession to make I haven't gone to bowling in a very long time so I was pretty excited.I'm not that good but I did made two strike so I'm definitely smiling right now.Oh,I bought new nail polish again.I love nail polish because they're just so pretty.I can't wear too often,I only wear them for a short period time.If you know what I mean,you don't never mind.I did have a great time today. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Wonders

I went out with my cousin.We went to KLCC to see a movie and visit the petrosains.Too bad we didn't book it,it was full.The only schedule available was at 4.00 pm.So no can do amigos because the movie starts at 2.00pm.I watched Lagenda Budak Setan.I'm just doing my part as Malaysian supporting Malays movies.Ha ha,the movie was okay but man it was depressing.The songs and the cinema photography is a two thumbs up.After the movie ended,we ate lunch at Subway.I ordered Chicken Teriyaki.One of my favorites.

All of a sudden,I was craving some cupcakes so I bought two cupcakes from a shop called byou.I'm not sure,one cupcake is about5 ringgit.Pretty expensive for freaking cupcake but it was worth it.The icing is just wow.Wow.We went back home at 4.30pm.We managed to do a bit of photoshoot at my room.Ha ha.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just got back from Ikea with my parents.Ikea is the best place to shop for furniture or basically anything that goes with it.Speaking of Ikea,how could I forget the scene from 500 days of summer?.I mean come on.It is the same as I'm eating a toblerone chocolate,I will always think of Joey(friends) because he wanted Emily's toblerone so bad that Emily insits on giving in to him for free.

My dad bought a new bed sheets for me and it is super pretty.It fits with my cherry red lights.I will definitely post pictures.Dad was even considering buying a new bookshelves for my room. Bookshelves+Books+Heels= ^-^ .There is this one bed frame that I fell in love.I could just imagine it my room.While my dad was at the lights section,I went with my mom to the kitchen section and the bedroom section.I am so envious every time I see the Ikea's bedroom.It just makes me want to buy a house and spend my money buying furniture from Ikea and live happily ever after.One day,if i get married.On the top of my list,I will buy my furniture there with my future husband.Thinking about this just makes my stomach fill with butterflies and I can't stop giggling. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MTV Movie Awards

Words cannot even explain what I felt when I saw this.I just kept laughing over and over again.Rob in a mustache is probably the hottest thing I have ever seen.Remind me of Billy Burke all of the sudden.

Congratulations to Tom Felton for winning Best Villain.He definitely deserve it for portraying a villain that makes people hate him but also feel sympathy towards him.I did not think Tom could do the sad scenes in Half Blood Prince but he proved me wrong.

When I saw this,I kept rewinding it from the very first because I was so excited.The goose bump knows what I'm talking about.Why oh why it has to release on 18 November? It just isn't fair. :(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day out

I went to Wangsa Walk again yesterday.My cousin who is now in UTM Puncak Alam came with her family to stay at my house for a night.About 5.45pm,we went to Wangsa Walk to go to the popular bookstore because she wanted to buy some test pad and was searching for STPM Physics book.I was kinda dissappointed because they were not many fiction books there.Unfortunately,the STPM books are not there so we went to Carrefour Mehraj Bookstore.I love Mehraj bookstore because they provide a lot of school books and revision books.As i was expected,the book that my cousin want was there.We went window shopping for a while and head home.That night we talked about a lot stuff boys and education and all kind of stuff.

As for my brother,he is now at Traders Hotel because Petronas has some activities for him.I went inside the Traders hotel with my mom to spend a bit of time with my brother before he went upstairs to his hotel room.I gotta say the Traders Hotel is pretty nice.I sat at the lobby and saw a lot of people checking in.Mainly tourists.Ahh,speaking of my brother.I finally can play The sims 3 on his computer,I haven't play the sims since last year and I miss it. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prince Of Persia

I bough a new nail polish.Blue Splash!

Last night,I had a great time.I went out with my brother to Wangsa Walk to see a movie.It was either Shrek 3 or Prince of Persia.Since it was my first time going to see the movie there,I was really ecstatic to see if this tgv cinemas is any good.Well,its not too shabby,the surround sound its definitely better than KLCC.That is why I don't like going to go to cinemas at KLCC or any tgv cinemas.I don't know I just don't feel satisfied.Golden Screen Cinemas will always be my favorite.Prince of Persia is great with action as for the romance scene it is pretty cheesy.Besides that,I really enjoy watching the movie. :D Actually,it was amazing.Ha ha,the funny thing is I bought a drink that is not from the tgv beverages,so I had no clue how to sneak in.I used my Chanel bag and it was pretty small.Anyhow,I did managed to put it in my bag.Thank god!.I went home around 11.32pm.I did a countdown with my brother to see how many minutes we will get home.I said 11.38pm and......I was right! Not bragging or anything but I'm really good with this stuff.Ha ha,I'm just kidding.I can't wait for our next movie session! :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunny with chance of happpiness

I just got back from my tuition account.I had a buckets of fun.Everybody was there.While we were waiting for the teacher to come,we took some pictures.I mean come on.Golden opportunity.Tomorrow is my last test,Accounts.A bit nervous but I'll try to do it the best I can.The tuition start at 2.30pm-4.45pm.While I was waiting for my dad,Epa and DJ were going to buy some snacks at the store.It was kinda sweet that Epa asked me to come along.I mean girls aren't best to be left alone.Anything can happen these days.It was kinda a sweet gesture.I thought I saw my dad's car so I didn't followed them.Turns out,it was the wrong car.Epa and Dj sat in front of the fountain and asked me to sit along.I ate some snacks with them since they were so generous.I just can't wait for the school holidays.I am so tired and I haven't got any sleep.Tomorrow is a very very happy day for me. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anyone Else But You

My brother is coming home tomorrow.I have my economy papers tomorrow.I have two papers to go Economy and Accounts.I'm not that excited but I just want to get this over with.Tomorrow is going to be a good day.Like Ron used to say:

Tuition last night was fun.This is what we usually do.Next week is school holidays.I can't wait to hang out with my friends.This mid term has already put on a huge stress on my shoulders.Its great to loosen up a bit.After that,I'm probably back at the beginning.Studying.I mean its great that all my favorite TV shows ended,I can really focused now.Hopefully I can.

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