Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Leya!

Happy 17th birthday bestie
as usual,mesti nampak budak melawati. ;p

I woke up around 10.30am.Breakfast!.I only ate nuggets man.Haha, meet up with zana and lolock at Popeye's Wangsa Walk.Seriously,Zana and Lolock looked so cute. :) (haha,jangan marah).Then,leya,rais and Danny came.Last but not least man of the hour Iqbal.We ate the fried chicken and talk talk.First,we did a joke on Iqbal.We were supposed to ignore him when we saw him.Haha,I could not stop laughing so I just keep my head down.We went to the Superstar Karaoke.Iqbal paid for the fee's.Thanks Iqbal for paying Rm18.00.We sang our hearts out.From the 80's to the current song.My throat is sore right now due to the screaming .We even sang 'germiis something'.Epa favourite song.Too bad,epa didn't came. :(

Can't wait to sing.hahah
Songs that we sang
  • Dancing Queen
  • Hotel California
  • My Heart
  • Situasi
  • Lagu untukmu
There's more but I can't remember.I have to ask Iqbal.After we destroy the place for screaming so loud.Haha,we wanted to play bowling.Too many people so change of plan.We went to the arcade.I've had a blast to tell you the truth.I played the basketball,the drums,bowling and cars.The boys played the pool and the ping-pong thing.Next,we went to Georgetown White Coffee.We talk and talk.Zana had to left early because she had plans.Love you Na.Thanks for everything.After zana left,Rais suddenly thought 'where the hell are my car keys?.Jeng jeng jeng.It was in Zana's bag.Haha,it was hell funny seeing his faces.All the guys were like 'Eh,jom pergi gombak!,Kereta takde john mcm mana pergi' Haha,Zana came back and gave him the keys.What a happy ending.We said goodbye to the boys.Leya and I went window shopping.It was fun.We did manicure together and bought some stuff. :)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thanks Leya for playing this.I've been waiting for it. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010


Homework,Studying,Homework.There's no end to it.During my free time which I patiently awaits,I usually watch tv series.I have found a new tv show that would fill my empty slot for glee.Seriously,I miss glee.Long way to go until April.

  • Chuck
I love Chuck.I love the characters.Casey is probably the funniest so as Chuck.The staff of Buymore.I hope it stays.I'm so disappointed that pushing daisies was canceled.I hope chuck gets the thumbs up.I completely agree with this person opinion of the show.

Click the picture

Devon: After I got off the overnight, I decided I needed to clear my head. So, I went for a run… In Griffith Park. No cell phones there. Uh-uh. So, I’m running, And I just… I heard something. In a tree. It was a… It’s a cat. A hurt cat. I had to see if it needed medical attention. Then, I realized… It’s a bear.
Ellie: What’s a bear? The cat’s a bear?
Devon: Yeah, yeah, the cat’s a bear. It’s a… It’s a bear, and it… Jumps out at me, and it attacks, and it’s like… It’s angry at me for some reason, this bear. (roars)
Ellie: Oh, my god! You were attacked by a bear?
Devon: Yeah, and I… I… Cut off its head. Yeah, babe, I… I decapitated the bear. In self-defense, in order to survive. I’m just glad you weren’t there to see it. It was really grisly.
Ellie: Do you honestly expect me to believe this?

(Haha,my favourite scene from last week episode)

  • Community
Story about a lawyer whose education is deemed void by the bar is forced to attend a local community college with an extremely eclectic staff and student body.I'm beginning to like this show so I'm gonna keep watching it.

Jeff: Pierce, I understand if you don’t want to be my friend, but this thing that we’ve created? It is bigger than the both of us and it deserves to be done right!
Señor Chang: Okay, um, why are there costumes involved? These are short conversations, they’re not supposed to take-
Jeff: Your breath away? Well tough. [turns to Pierce] You ready, amigo?
Pierce: Si.

Ágætis byrjun

The music video(Heima)

Ágætis byrjun means a very good beginning.Icelandic language.I admit I'm a huge fan of sigur ros.Ask my friends they will know.I discovered this band about a year ago and then its just *click* you know.I'm not into the current music or the top of the charts song.I don't hate it but it is defintely a great songs to sing-a-along when you're bored.I like to expand my music taste not just by hearing on the radio but by movie soundtrack,videos.Basically you can find music anywhere.I love hearing instrumental songs from movies.The type of songs when see the movie,it gave you goosebumps.Music from movie.Nicholas Hooper and Hans Zimmer are one of my favourites.Not to mention the legend of all music composer,John Williams.He composes many infamous songs such as the theme to Harry Potter,Indiana Jones and Superman.I know I've had said this billions of times but Sigur ros is just amazing.Its a great tune to exercise to.Sunday afternoon.You name it.Sigur ros music videos are very interesting and it often leave the conclusion to the viewers.

The video consists of children dressed in old-fashioned Icelandic clothing, migrating towards an unknown destination somewhere in Iceland. The leader, a boy with a drum, directs the group through a land characterized by open fields and rocky hills, all the while picking up more and more children. The group then fall asleep and the video enters a dream-like state.When the song climaxes, the children start to run full speed up the hill. It is then shown that the hill is in fact a cliff, ending at the ocean. When the children reach the edge, they jump off and swim through the air.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This girl is has the vintage michael jackson thriller jacket.LOVE

My brother is going back to Perak tomorrow/Around 1.00 o'clock.Meaning no more driving back home from school and no more TGI Friday.At least for now.Not to mention,no more Sims 3 which is just unbearable.I'm gonna miss the Pattinson's family.Haha.Tonight is the last movie night with my brother.Planning to watch the Blair witch project.Its kinda like paranormal activity.Finally,I've found a tuition for account that fits my schedule perfectly.Leya's going to be there too.My accounts suck really bad man.Since there's about 6-10 people in that class,i could finally pay more attention.

Here's a video of my best friend Zana, (Annoying kan?) haha, kidding. dah dah jgn merajuk.I love yah.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here it goes again

Right now,I'm listening to the tune of titanic.The instrumental one and i think the song is in the end of the credits.It really is touching.That's why I think Titanic deserve the highest crossing box office of all time.I can't remember how many times I have seen Titanic.It never gets bored through the years.Speaking of titanic, *ehem ehem* ;p

On to another subject,school was fun as usual but I'm feeling very sleepy nowadays especially around 10am-1pm.Then,I have to go to tuition.Ah,the sacrifice i have to endure.I really really hope its all worth it in the end.If not,hey I did my best.Oh,I watched the golden globe yesterday.Ricky Gervais is the host.I love the joke he did to Steve Carrel.Steve just did the *I'm going to kill you* face.Neil Patrick Harris looked rather dashing on that day and so as Zachary Levi :) .I can't believe its 11.54 pm already.I haven't finish my homework.History notes -_-.I'm going to watch Chuck now.Season 2! :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fashion Icon

I've been obsessing over Emma Watson right now.I love her style.She is such a classy and sophisticated girl.She really dress appropriate for her age not like other teen celebs nowadays.Not naming names here but I think you know who.Many of my clothes now are inspired by her.I wish I could have all her clothes. :O
Emma in a Proenza Schouler dress paired with sexy black heels. LOVE

This is probably my favourite of all.Christopher Kane dress which is just lovely.

Casual Emma.I love how she paired it off with the two tone brogues.She makes it her own.

As she's getting older,she's in her early 20's.She shows a bit more skin.She's wearing a vintage dress.OMG. *jaw dropping* It was by Ossie Clark.

Whatcha gonna do?

I've been searching for this type of blazer.I saw it at topshop.

I woke up around 10.30 am.took a shower and head downstairs for breakfast.I went to KLCC with dad and my brother.We went to Kinokuniya which I LOVE.I could spend hours in there.Heck,I might even sleep there. haha,I bought 2 books.I forgot to buy the chicken soup for the soul.I love reading that book when I can't sleep at night or its raining heavily outside and I don't know what to do.I might as well read something.I probably should read history notes,I know I know.Reading fiction book is still studying.Improving your English? Am I right? :p.I think I spent about more than 1 hour in Kinokuniya.Head to foodcourt for lunch with dad and brother.Ate spaghetti oglio lio which is dad's favourite spaghetti.Then,we head to the gadjets store which is like my dad favourtie place to shop.You know how I love shopping for shoes,clothes and accesories,my dad love shopping for gadjets which is awesome.Dad joke about my shopping disease,he said i have to many shoes,clothes and bags at home.I was like 'i thought i had like only a few'.Never the less,I'm still gonna buy it till I'm satisfied.Muahaha, ;p

Now,this is a shoe fetish.I wish I had that closet of shoes. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love Story

I called leya 4.0opm-ish.haha,She played love story for me.Seriously,it was so cool.I did not know how to record it so i just video it instead. *Sorry for the bad audio and the phone,enjoy it for what it is* :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help Me

Yes,I should read more and sleep less.I don't know why,lately I'm feeling really tired and its driving me crazy because I have so many homework I have to finish.Studying which of course i really hate.I rather watch TV all night.Dad bought Chuck first season.I mean come on dad.Why why? the temptation is just undeniable.I did watch like 5 episodes. -_-'.Today was pretty normal i guess,School was fun and filled with laughter.One word that is constantly on my mind right now is 'Tak dapat nk tolong ah John'.Seriously,my classmates has this huge effect on my daily life.From how i use speak to music taste.Argh SPM,please go away.

Hell yeah,I would but for now I'm going to watch Chuck episode 6.Ha ha,the temptation.I have like 2 homework i have to finish tonight.Add Math and Math.Great! Now its already 11:11pm.Goodnight all you nice people for reading my blog.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Take Me Away

I meant to post this a month ago.I guess I forgot.Guess what in my mail box last month? Wait for it wait for it

Yes,Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Blu ray.I just need Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2.Then,its finish.Kinda sad actually.I've grown up with this film.I love Harry Potter.Its not just a teenage wizard movie.To me,its more than that.Accepting your fear and do something about it.A lot of moral fiber in the books.Even though,Harry's not real.You kinda think he exist.You feel sorry for him because everyone around him always dies.He doesn't even have chance to reconnect with his loved ones.Thankfully he has amazing friends.Always by his side.Heck,I could make a long essay why i love harry potter.Ha ha,

Another movie that I'm really excited about is Toy's Story 3.That is like my favourite childhood movie man.In toy's story 3,Andy is going to college.A little older from me,still this is my senior year.Next year,I'm gonna go to college.You know what I mean.I've grown up with this film too.Its amazing to see,when I was little,I used to love Barbie's,Dolls and all that kind of stuff.That is why I like about movies.It takes you to another medium.


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