Friday, January 30, 2009


I went to tuition today because I don't wanna miss it.The teachers are so cool and funny. :)
BM was okay but i think I'm starting to freak out about it.It is so hard and I guess I really have to struggle this time to make it work.Making it worse is of course the class wouldn't shut up.I mean they're really noisy.Thank god I sat in front so I can listen properly how to do this and that.After BM,here comes Math.Ahhh,I love a Math.I really enjoyed doing it.It makes my brain accelerate and energise.Math was awesome so as the teacher.I was doing it way way advance than the teacher.Ha ha,like if the teacher is doing no 7 i was doing no 9. :D

Add Math is next.I dont know what to say about add math.I guess i like it.Umm,it depends.If the add math problem i cant solve i would be so pissed and really frustrated.If i can solve it,i feel really great.I mean really great.The point about add math is its very confusing have to remember the workings.I'm frighten that during the add math exam i would freak out.I hope not.'Ya allah tolong lah'.Then,tuition was over.

Tomorrow,dad said that we have wake up really early because we have to fetch my brother in Perak.We're going to Penang for a little holiday.I want to go to Queensbay Mall.I haven't been there in a long time.I can go shopping!.I'm really thinking buying the converse sneakers like Kristen wore for the vanity fair shoot.I used to have it when i was 10 or 12 but now it doesn't fit anymore. :)

Okay,now I'm gonna watch GG and download new episodes of Ugly Betty and other tv shows. :D
Oh oh,one more thing.I can't wait for American idol next week! (:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have a disease,Nothing serious lah.Its just when I have nothing to read(I mean Fiction :p) I get really desperate.Ha ha,so I read History insted.History used to be my hated subject but now I may have a change of heart.I dont know maybe its more interesting now.Bak pepatah 'Sesiapa yang tidak mengenali sejarah maksud ia akan berulang lagi'.Ceh,ha ha but I actually agree on that.If we never learn we're bount to make that mistake over and over again.

I'm thankful for my country that is safe and nothing major crisis like what's happening in Palestine.Since Barack Obama is now the 44th president of the America,I really hope that he can change the way people look at Muslims.I'm not saying in America people are racists but you never know who's going to judge you and who's not going to judge you.Even though i don't know about politics in my country.I don't understand politics.All i hope is that people can treat other people with equal respects.I don't care if they're Muslims,Jews,Christians or whatever.Everyone deserve to be treated right.Sometimes I wonder why can't people just be friends and not judging what religion they're in or the colour of their faces? and whatsoever.I know its easy for me to say but I guess that's my opinion.I'm really trying not to judge people so i may not be perfect but I'm trying as hard as i could. :)

P.S: perasaan berkobar-kobar untuk buat post ni.haha, :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just finished watching Mulan.I gotta say I love it.Mulan has always been my favourite Disney movie.It has everything good song,good story and humor.I remember when I was little I used to watch Mulan a lot.Ha ha, it brings back memories when I used to watch it with my brothers.Mulan 2 is not that bad either but of course the first one is much better.Who thinks Li Shang is hot? I do I do! Even though he's not real but he's good looking guy.A body to die for.Although he doesn't have a six pack.who cares! Rob is hot and he doesn't need a six pack.I was watching Mulan while my brother was using the computer.I said to him Shang is pretty hot.My brother just laugh.Hey,Mulan is a lucky girl.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


Its is so great that all of my brothers are here.I'm really really happy.My second brother will go back to Perak on Tuesday but its okay my parents are going to fetch him on Friday/Saturday and we will be going to Penang for a little holiday.I'm so excited.As you've guess tons of homework I've to finish.I finished half of it so just BM that i have to finish ASAP.Remember about the essay that I have to write describe a person and I pick Robert Pattinson.The teacher love it.I read my essay and it only a have a few of grammar mistake.I think it was 3.Many of my classmates in class wanted to read my essay so i give it to them.Some them actually enjoyed reading it.I was honoured.After they finished reading it,some of them say am I going to writer? I was like 'erkk,no.'Ha ha,it was pretty funny.Yesterday did some reading,I read 'Manisnya sebuah epal' from Anak laut.I read it because it has something to do with the apple.Ha ha,twilight,apple? you get it right.

Moving on,

Yesterday,my brother and I made ice blended chocolate marshmallow Oreo.It tasted so good.I'm craving it right now.I watched Kami the movie and its really sad that Abu died.I knew it already but i don't know I guess the way he died made me sad.My mother and I did some grocery shopping yesterday at Giant.Mom was at the fish section while I was in the chocolate section.Ha ha,I pick a Hershey's chocolate and marshmallows.Then,I went to the tea&coffee section.I picked the hot chocolate.I went to the drink section and I pick the whip cream.Mom was like 'nk buat ice blended la ni?'.ha ha,

After we bought all the groceries,we went back to our car and put all the groceries there.Then,we went back to Giant and went upstairs to the clothes section.I bought a boxer and two camisole.The boxer is so cute.I think it was cat in the hat.I wore it when I was sleeping last night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It keeps getting better and better.

I love the outtakes.It brightens up my day. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I love rob's laugh.He makes me happy. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My brother just got here around 6:30 pm.I was so happy to see him.Yay,but he'll be back in Perak this Sunday. :(

Its so windy now.I love it.You see I sit near the window so I was feeling it.feeling it.ha ha,I finished all my homework FINALLY except science but you just have to copy the note.I was doing my math homework.Byk jugak cikgu kasi but its okay I suka kira2 ni.Tomorrow,I have to stay back doing the chart organisation thingy.After school tomorrow,Illya,Zana n tira pegi makan dekat Anjung with me.Its been a long time tak makan dekat situ.Usually last year,I pegi dgn Hanis and Budak2 tuition dgn ustazah so yeah I missed it.Well,there always time.I respect my first brother because he's still rapat dgn kawan dia since sekolah rendah.He's 22 now plus one of his best friends sama university dgn dia dkt MMU but different course and I wanna be like that. :)

My second brother pun mcm tu yg dkt perak.Everytime die cuti or one of his kawan from sekolah menengah cuti jugak diorg ada lepak sesama.Hopefully,I pun boleh. :)

OH oh,I just watched American idol yesterday.Ha ha,I crack up so much watching the BAD audition they're so funny.Oh,god if i were them I would be embrassed.Public humiliation.The one guy that I like is the blind guy who can play the piano and sings very well.He was such inspiration to me.He got into college by the age 14 -19.Come on,that's just awesome.He's very talented. and bright.What more do you need?.I like him :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Greetings y'all,

I got back from school at 1.50 pm.Very tired i tell you these past few days.I didn't take a nap today.this is what happen.I am so weak and not in the mood.ha ha,no lah.I'm alright.Dad watching supernatural right now so am I.My class is 4 Maju.I DON'T WANT to take science stream that's why I applied for 4 M because I just can't do it lah.I'm more of a math person.In my class,the elective subjects is Economy,Add Math and Account.So far I can keep up with all of the subject plus the teachers in my class are all great so I'm not complaining.I want my mom to teach me add math but too many homework and I'm usually tired.Mom managed to teach me function before school started.My brother just got back in Perak yesterday.I'm little sad because he's like my 'gang'.Mom said he'll maybe coming back Thursday afternoon so I'm ecstatic.I bet he 's coming back because of the Xbox.Ha ha,dad fixed the xbox 360 apparently something wrong with the adaptor so now its working fine.The games that my brother bought is
GREAT!.I want to play guitar hero. :D

A great advise from my brother.

Bro:Ala,baca je bukit kepong from buku rujukan yg ada sinopsis bab by bab.x yah baca buku tu.

I followed my brother advise since he knows the best.Ahh,jeolous.He got like 3.9 on his GPA.I'm like whatttt? jeles nya.Spm pown dpt 12A so ikut je advise dia.Est pown dpt A so i think i should follow his advice.

Alah,I have to read cerpen menatap wajahnya since my teacher wants to ask question about it tomorrow.TIREDDDDDDDD TIREDDDD :(

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chick Flick

Gah,I just finished my homework.not really.I haven't finished my English essay where we have to describe the person that we like.Guess who I pick? Robert Pattinson. :)

At first,I was not comfortable with my class because of the students in there.Many of them were you know not my type.Not type type.More like I don't really know them.This past few days I kinda enjoyed it.a little bit.My class has many class clown somewhere in there.he he.Sometimes they make random jokes and i would be like what the?.You know what i mean.The teachers in my class were not bad.Ha ha,I'm really starting to like ekonomi asas.I got elect as the 'Ketua Keceriaan' AGAIN.Haih,I was Ketua keceriaan since I'm Standard 5.Well,at least its not that bad.You just have to do the organisation chart and decorate the class.I actually enjoyed doing this kinda stuff.Not all the time.When I'm tired,Nahh.Everytime I got back from school,I'm so tired.Very tired.I think if don't take a nap.I would faint or something.The things is a nap is suppose to be like less than 30 minutes unfortunately I got carried away. :D

Tuition was fun.I got class tuition on Wednesday and Friday.4pm-7pm.3 hours straight.again tired.That's what is like being a form 4 student.I just finished watching Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging.I kinda like it.Last week ,I watched Wild Child.Not bad either.Okay,I'm tired.I'm gonna sleep now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Miss You

I miss all my friends.I miss 3 luhur.That was the best class.Cikgu Rosli is the bomb!.I miss playing around in the lab.Talking about random stuff and crap.Singing in the class.I miss the classroom even though it was pretty small but sweet memories la.I miss everything especially my classmate since we're going different path now but I hope someone will make a reunion.I can't wait for that.All I want to say to my classmate 3 luhur is I wish you guys all the best for SPM. ;)

I love you guys.I really do even when you guys annoyed me sometimes but at the end of it I still love you. ;)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sexy vampiro

Ha ha,watch out at 1.40-1.52.I love rob expression! :D

Friday, January 2, 2009


Everything is going to change this year.The subject,friends,learning and less blogging.hehe,yeah.I'm not going to blog frequently now because I'm focusing more on my studies.I would probably use the Internet on weekends.Many of my teachers said that we have to focus on form 4 because everything new and hard.My brother said its better if you focused on form 4 and form 5 it will be easier.He said 'Nanti masuk form 4 kena work hard because nnt form 5 senang sikit.SIKIT je.' thanks brother for that motivational advise.he he,I'm kinda nervous and scared to see who's going to be the class teacher,subjects teacher and not to mention my new classmate.I having those nauseous feeling again.I'm going to sembahyang hajat praying that I can work hard and handle all the stress.Oh,i hope that I can. :x

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Thanks you guys for putting me on the popular sets! :D
*My sets are label with the star drawing. heee,


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