Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My raya was F-U-N.I had a blast both of my dad and mom's family.Both of my parent family is in Alor star,Kedah.I enjoyed it very much.Its good to see all my cousins.Man they're getting big and grown up. Wait,so am I.Ha ha,the oldest cousin from mum's side is 26 years old.I'm waiting for him to get married.Its funny looking at him,he's 26 years old but he's still the same,childish but the good kind of childish.we were talking about buying the whole set of guitar hero for PS3 and Xbox360 so next year we can ROCK ON!.I can invite my grandfather to play along.he's cool. hehe,

First day of raya.We had a BBQ at night.We ate and ate and ate.we talked we laughed.Man,i miss it now.We took many pictures from my SLR.I think there's 500 pictures.We main bunga api and mercun.there was 3 frogs outside the house,.i dont wanna talk about it. ;p I head back to my cousin house,he showed me a picture of us when i was 10 years old.we called it 'Gambar 2003'.I AM SO EMBARRASS.I look weird like really weird and not in a million years i will post it here.Ha ha,from now we call it gambar 2003.i laughed so hard,we all look very different.In the picture we look very stiff so my cousin joked that as we got older the camera kinda like us now.HA HA,its true.Now,I'll try to savour all the moment because everybody is getting older.Second day of raya,we visit my moyang house and all my relatives.Head back home order a pizza and KFC.Eating with all my relatives is just so satisfying.I can't wait for next year, :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last Day

Today was the last day of school.not technically the last.Just a break for Hari raya.A week off.Wohooo,shit i'm so scared for final exam.i didn't even touch a book or even read anything.I better start early.Today ,school was fun even though few people came but its alright.Naa and Illiya were there.We recorded a lot of videos.since i'm to shy to shared it all with you people.I will upload one video.I know Naa,its probably excited right now.HAHA.I dont have any homework which is awesome.The best thing about today was probably all my teachers wished everyone Hari Raya.I was kinda moved when the teachers asked to forgive them if they did anything wrong.I was like 'we should as for your forgiveness' it was a sweet moment.It made me think how time has past.Time flies so fast that i was kinda overwhelmed.I'm going to 16 next month.feels just like yesterday i was a little kid.not to mention,people often mistake me as a college student especially my aunt.No wayyy,i'm still in high school.

Haha,but the good thing being a tall is i get on the adult rides in a theme parks and not to mention i can watch movies which is not PG-13 in the cinemas.I don't need to wear heels although their so pretty.I can wear them is just i choose not to.maybe when I'm more older.When the last school bell rang,it was the best feeling but it was interrupted with a bunch of 'mercun' sound.haha,I hugged Hanis on my home and promised that i will call her.Hehe,I hugged Illiya and them Naa followed by Raja.I love you guys :)

Zana zana.HAHAH


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ouch that hurts

I finally trying to move on.I hope i can do it.I knew it eventually this will happen.I'm the one getting hurt.its my fault for getting into own stupid fault.I'm the one suffering and he doesn't feel a thing.he's probably lying a couch eating chips and enjoying himself.Wonderful,right? this is why i think life isn't fair.i know is never fair but but have some sympathy for people like me.if there is anyone feeling the same way as me.i really hope there is so that I'm not alone.I'll try not to say his name or even look at him.i know its hard but i think i can do it.i need my BESTFRIEND.BADLY.Leeyaa.I need to let this out.

"Why do we ignore the people who adore us & adore the people who ignore us?"

-one of my fave quotes.

I agree 100%.we usually adore the people who never noticed us.never even looked us but still we keep trying but eventually we will give up because he/she is not worth the pain.we keep trying but we're always the one who gets hurt.ALWAYS. as for We ignore the people who adore us,its simple explanation.its out our league.we can't know what the others are feeling.what they're thinking when they see us but i guess we can try to look closely-carefully so we don't hurt them.trying not be the the ignorant one.I hope I'm not like that.I'm still waiting.not for him.just waiting,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm fine,i think

Naa,Me and Leya

Last night, was a fun day even though its a school day i had so much fun with Leya and Naa.We took some pictures together and we even record a video. stupid video i might add.ha ha,i was so bored.I always can count on Leya.We share the same interest together.I love converse she loves converse.I love watching nur kasih she love watching nur kasih.haha.Last Thursday night,I was feeling down and I decided to call her.Video call is probably the best.I told her about everything.I was kinda sad because I'll never have a chance with this someone so yeah she did cheer me up a bit.I ate a lot of ice cream with strawberries and chocolate syrup.Yummy,it made all my worries go away.

I watched whose line is it anyway which always cheer me up.I had a bucket of laugh and I decided to try get over this crush as soon as possible because no matter i'm gonna get tell you the truth,i already did so that's why i called Leya.I never once went out with Leya and Naa.Probably after Raya.*Excited* Leya went to her Piano class yesterday and I was at tuition at that time.She MMS me a picture of Twilight Music Score Piano Sheet.I was like 'No wayyyyy'. Ha ha,can you believe 2 more weeks then Raya? I'm super duper excitedddddddd.I can't wait because this year my cousin plan to have BBQ.Kedah is the best kampung ever.I love the sawah padi.very calming.I can imagine my cousin riding the scooter and I'm sitting behind her.I'm listening to Sigur Ros.I really can't wait.

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