Friday, May 28, 2010

Season Finale

Shaw...I hate that guy.Haha

It is just sad that this week was the finale episode of my favourite tv shows chuck,10 things i hate about you and community.Since it is May,many tv shows are taking a break.The epic finale season that I've watched is probably Chuck.I cried,the same way I did when I saw Dumbledore Death Scene.I'm serious.SPOILER ALERT.If you don't want to know what happen on Chuck.please do not read this.If YOU DO,carry on reading.

Chuck and Ellie.The most adorable siblings ever.

Chuck's dad died.That damn Shaw killed him.I've always felt suspicious towards Shaw.There's just something fishy about him.Stephen Bartowski,Chuck's dad may not be a great dad since he left Chuck and his sister quite often.They have to rely on each other and his sister,Ellie had to take the role on raising Chuck.Ellie even promised to her dad that she would always protects Chuck.No matter what.Turns out,Chuck's dad was running away all time because he was protecting his children.He did not want them to get hurt.When Shaw shot him,he said to Chuck 'your special son'.I did not understand what he meant by that.Now that i know,Chuck is special because he download the intersect and he didn't face any problems.He is special because he doesn't have the guts to kill people.That does not mean he is a wuss.He just not that kinda person which I think made Sarah fall for him.I know,you might just think Hey its just a frigging tv show.Let me ask you a question.You must feel excited that when you have watched the very first season of a tv show and you are still keeping track of it.Same as when I'm reading a book,it feels like i know the characters and I'm on journey with them.Same as I am watching Chuck or any other tv series,I think that it the best way to explain how i feel.Ugh,I have to wait three months for the fourth season of Chuck.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Enjet-Enjet semut

Epa will be perfoming on teacher's day. I can't wait.I'm sure I will laugh my ass off.


I don't know why but I love this picture! Leya & Epa. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spread love like violence

School was a blast.Tell you the truth,no matter how tired I am,I am always looking forward to school.Quote from Iqbal "Cikgu kelas kiteorg memang bising berbanding dgn kelas belakang tu,sebab diorg tak happy.Kiteorg happy tu yang bising and happening.Kalau yg kelas kt depan2 tu pulak,tak bising sebab terlalu tension sgt and pandai sangat.Mcm kiterog steady je" Haha,well i got to admit that its true.

Most of my classmates their characteristic is spontaneous.I mean really spontaneous.Like this morning,I was doing my notes when I heard somebody sing to me behind my ears.I was like 'Who's this?' kept looking left to right.When I was looking at my right shoulders he was at my left shoulder.Ha ha,that was kinda funny.Turns out it was Rais.Did not expect that,maybe a little bit because he sounds like an old guy.Haha.On Thursday,school ends 1.50 pm depends on which class.I have a tuition at 2.15pm.-_- Can't you even imagine how tired I am? Dad picked me up from school.I immediately took a shower.Boil water so i can put in the Maggie cup and eat it at the tuition.Leya and Asyrin also bought their Maggie cups.Arrived at tuition around 2.22pm but only to discovered that the tuition was cancelled because the teacher was sick.I was kinda pissed off,they could have told us sooner.Truth be told,I did have a great time eating Maggie cups outside with Leya and Asyrin.Epa and DJ was there too,we talked and joked.Epa said it was like we're having a picnic.We took some pictures.Iqbal took off early because he had to bring his motorcycle to send Epa home.When he arrived,Epa was wearing his safety helmet.It was big helmet while the motorcycle was small.You know how Epa spontaneous as he is waved us like a king.After we finished eating our Maggie cups,I called my dad and told him to picked me up.In a nutshell,I did have a good day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iron Man 2

Yesterday,I watched Iron Man 2 with my dad and my brother.Since my second brother was home,we usually go to the cinemas during the weekend.Iron man 2 was amazing and hilarious.The special effects made jaw dropped to the floor.Kidding of course but damn those people really know how to use the computer.Robert Downey Junior was brilliant so as Gywneth Paltrow.She wears heels a lot in the movie,nice heels I might add. I've always love her because she looks so elegant.Scarlett Johansson is not that bad either,she does all the stunts by herself.Unfortunately,there are some people who can't seem to shut up when the movie is starting.Talking a little bit,fine.Laughing at the wrong time,forgivable.Talking with your cell phone in the cinema is a big NO NO.I think the guys behind me was an Indian.About 3 people shush them including me.Thank god they finally shut up.Finally,I got to enjoy the movie.Here's a message

"Hey, if you want to talk to a movie why don't you wait until it comes out on DVD, play it in your living room and talk to your hearts content, leaving the rest of us to enjoy movies at the cinema in peace and quiet.Some people just think they own the place.Other people pay their own money too."


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