Monday, April 26, 2010

All rise

School was fun as usual.I was browsing Yang's blackberry.Browsing my lookbook using the school wifi network.Haha,all of the sudden I have a changed of heart.My brother has a blackberry.I used his phone for a couple of days but I don't know I guess I'm still used to my old handphone.I was not feeling the hype over blackberry but now I kinda like it.I'm hoping that my dad will buy me a blackberry.Hopefully.Back to the main point,I was browsing my lookbook.I noticed that I have a new comment.I was not expecting much.just really happy that someone made an effort posting a comment.I was shocked and surprised to see it was Yuna.My friends were like whatttttt and i was like get what i mean.I did post a comment on her lookbook last month .I was not expecting she would reply or even visit my profile.It made my day.She even gave a Love .You can only give one per day which made me smile so much wider.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ladies Day

I went Karoake with my girls.Leya,Sha,Asyrin and Fah.Zana,Raja and Kathy could not be there which is just heartbreaking.We went to Wangsa Walk.I was the only one who was late.Sorry.Haha,I got there about 2.15pm.Immediately went to the Superstar Karaoke.We picked the second package which was 2 hours.All of it cost about 60 ringgit.Not bad.We sang like a bunch of sickos.I could tell because the guy from the other side kept looking at our room.Next,we were supposed to play bowling.Unfortunately,didn't have much time.I don't remember what song we sang but it was a lot.We even purchased another 1 hour because we weren't satisfied.I was really feeling it when I sang The scientist-Coldplay.Wannabe spice girls is the best song to sing along.I am so tired right now and I have a sore throat.Yay.I still haven't finish my homework.Another Yay.I hope we can to this again.I had a great time guys. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Imagine,you are sitting in a coffee shop.Sipping your deliciously Caramel Mocha Frappucinno.You ask yourself 'Who am I?'.I have been dwelling with this question every day.Whether,it is late at night,when you can't go to sleep.You have all this thoughts stuck it your head just waiting to burst out.Am I good enough? Am I truly happy?.Yes,we all have a whole pile of thoughts in our minds.Thoughts about the future frightens me the most.You never know what god has plan for you,it all depends on the decision you make.There is no right or wrong decisions.Whatever choice you make will signified who you are right now.

Self-esteem is another problem.With all the exposure of Hollywood celebrities,you cannot help but to think about how perfect they are.The truth is 'Nothing is ever what it seems'.They maybe beautiful and rich.They could afford anything they want.One snap of finger,everything is serve for them.The question is 'Are they really happy?'The thing is you can never know how the other person feelings.Sometimes,I do wish that I could feel the other feelings.You know,just for experience purpose and to know that you are not alone.This is what I do,If I get upset or pissed about something.I will always thought about somewhere on earth,there must be this one person who feels exactly as I am.It may not be accurate but even you thought about it.Even for just a little bit,you feel slightly better.Not completely heal but your moving on a right track.My reason for writing this is because the most important thing to me is to be who you are.There is only one version of yourself might as well kick it up notch.My advice to you: be yourself.You can do anything you want if set your mind to it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

if you wish it wish it now, if you wish it wish it loud.

I love Tom Delonge
I love Mark Hoppus.

I love Travis Barker
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blink 182.

I love Box Car Racer
I love +44.

I LOVE Angels & Airwaves.

Angels and Airwaves is deeper though.

Even though they've broken up and making new bands.I still love them.All of them are very talented.I know that some people can't stand Tom's voice but I think that makes him unique.He has a very distinct voice.When I hear his voice,I immediately know that is Tom.Angels and airwaves are like my other Sigur ros.If you know what I mean.If you don't then never mind.Ha ha.Most of their songs remind me of space.The stars and the universe.That is one of my favourite things about AVA.Angels and airwaves are also my workout songs.Their song keeps me motivate.I surely can't wait for their new album.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I bought new heels. :)

Epa being ridiculously funny

Epa is probably the funniest in the class.No matter what he does,he will always makes us laugh. :D (Epa ckp nak minum air tak minum pun)

I think you could hear me laugh. :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 Intelek ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sometimes even the right is wrong

Yesterday,I went to Kinokuniya with my dad.'Que the angelic music '.Kinokuniya the best place to find books and also the 'never-the-discount-store-n-u have-to-buy-2-books-to-get-the-discount'.Not any books certain books only.Ha ha.Not to mention The Borders too.I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.Dad bought 5 books and I bought 2 books.When I saw dad,I told him about my books.Dad was like holding or should I say clinging on to his five books.All the books cost about 200+.

I made this face
My dad said books are like an investment.No matter what you always have something to read.You can pass it down to your grandchildrens.Even though,the papers are yellow it can still be read.That's all that matter.Next,went to the Best store.Dad wanted to buy a HDMI cable because the other one had problems.After that,we went home.Mom got a phone call from my aunt that they want to come to my house and stay for a night.I was excited.Its been a long time and I get to meet the annoying cousins Fauzan and Fahmi.ha ha,he's 13 years old now.I said to him 'wow,you've grown up.'He just smile.Late night,when my parents and his parents were asleep,we watched Scary Movie 4.We laughed our butts out especially the last scene.The parody of Tom cruise on the Oprah show.I can't stop laughing about it.Truth to be told,I had an amazing time even for a short period of time.

On the lastest news,I have a Lookbook account.I sign up 3 months ago but didn't have time to publish any picture.Feel free to drop by any comments and don't forget to hype my pictures. :D.Link on the sidebar.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Secret

Today,school was fun.I still remembered this one incident when lolock was about to tossed a fcuking lizard into the air but the surprise was he was about to tossed it up on the fan which is just crazy.It was funny to see my friends reaction, they were all surprise and ran for their life.I was sitting down,when I saw he's going to do it,I was shocked to see Leya's already on her way,she even pushed my chair and me to the side.That was some funny shit.Ha ha,in case your wondering did he actually do it.No,he didn't.Thank god for that.I am so exhausted.Not enough energy.This is my tuition schedule

Monday- 5-7pm Math and History
9-10.15 Account

Wednesday-5-7pm Add Math & Science

Thursday- 3.15-4.30pm Account form 4
7-8pm BM and English

It seem that I only have three tuition in one week.You have no idea how tired I am.I usually take a nap around 3.00pm.On Thursday,I can't take a nap because I've got a class. :( well,in life you have to make sacrifices.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

what goes around,comes around

I completely agree.

It is been awhile since my last update.My brothers came home during the weekends and we had loads of fun.I watched How to train your dragon with my dad and brother.I had a blast watching it.I think adults can enjoy it too.

Moving on,I went Maxic Center at Lowyat to change my Sim card because I have been using the same Sim card for the past 7 years.I thought it was time to change but still with my original number of course.I'm warning to any particular person who wants to go there,the service staff is really bad.I mean really really bad.I've never been disrespected in that way.I complain it to maxis facebook and they are taking action.I don't know if I should believe that but who knows?.I was asking the staff,where should i go to and how much is the payment.He kept making faces like he doesn't even want answer the questions which i find is very rude.I went to the other staff who was responsible for changing my Sim card.She asked me to fill in the details and she said 'IC ten'.I was I ask her again.She was kinda raising her voice this time.Your ic and ten ringgit!.How am i suppose to know that IC ten meant your IC and ten ringgit? Could you be clear in what you are trying to say and if your having bad day or bad mood or can't take it out on the other person.I was caught off guard with her attitude,I was checking my purse and pull out my ic card.I mumble 'you don't have to be rude'.I don't know if she heard it,but I hope so.If i had these two names i would definitely talk to their manager.We'll see.I don't mean to be a racist but most of these workers are Chinese,I don't know maybe they have issues of me being a Malay and a Muslim.If I see the staff treating differently to other person in the future(like I'm going to there after what had just happened) I'm just saying if .then I will definitely take actions.*Betul jugak ckp iqbal* haha,

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