Saturday, May 23, 2009


The good news is that...

I didn't go to school last Monday because I was so tired.So there I was sleeping in my comfy bed not expecting anything.I woke up around 11 am and thought I heard something,I heard the postman motorcycle.I was like 'NO WAY?!' its only been only a week'.Dad usually say that the package arrive two or 3 weeks.I didn't want to get my hopes up.I got out of my bed and brush my teeth.I frequently told myself to breathe properly because I was hyperventilating.Then,I heard the postman threw the package.(don't worry,its safe)I kept on hyperventilating.I told myself 'Afifah,chill.maybe its not the twilight blu ray.maybe its something else.don't get your hopes to high' I open the door and took the package inside.I looked at the package and immediately thought this has to be it because the package is small.I ripped it open to my surprise it really was twilight ,I was screaming and jumping,screaming and jumping again.I was holding the blu ray and I really can't believe its finally here.I insert the disc in the blu ray player and sat on the couch just waiting to be surprise.Boom,its says 'TWILIGHT'.I was screaming again.Ha ha,the menu was awesome.I like how it moves.First Edward then it was Bella.The Cullen family the last one is The Nomads.I watched the movie with the audio commentary.Rob is hilarious!.I could not stop laughing.He's so random and funny.After the movie,I watched all the deleted scene,extended scene,behind the scene,The comic con phenomenon,Music videos and twilight trailers.I was so happy that day.The best thing was the quality picture was perfect.I can even see Kristen's freckles.Although its not that much but I can see it.Wow,just wow.I love this blu ray so much and I cannot wait to get the new moon blu ray next year. :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol

Go Kris Allen ;)

Sorry,I haven't update my blog.busy.exam week.ugh,i have avery veryyyyy good news.I can't wait to tell:D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Rob!

Happy 23rd birthday! I hope i can meet you someday. :)

Yes,i made this. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

At ease cupcake

One of my favourite movie now plus chris pine is a hottie. :D Just by looking at that picture,you can tell.

So I managed to watched this movie with my dad and my brother.They 're big a fan of star trek.I remembered watching it when i was little and surprisingly i enjoyed it but this movie made me blown awayyy.I can't even described.its just so awesome.I will say that JJ Abrams is quite possibly the smartest film maker on the planet. Managing to poke fun at some of the sillier aspects of the original series/movies while still being completely respectful, action scenes that easily rival anything in Transformers, and space battles that are breathtaking. this is a film that you'll definitely need to see on a BIG screen (preferably with a very LOUD surround sound system!) Now let me just say that while I do consider myself a big fan of Trek in all its forms, i don't have a uniform hanging in my wardrobe and I cant speak Klingon, but having said that I will say the movie is FUCKING AMAZING...!!! Honestly, incredible film, do yourself a favour and see it as soon as it comes out. Final warning: see this film in the cinema. Do not wait for it to come out on DVD. It. Will. Not. Do. It. Justice.

JJ, you've won a fan!:D

Friday, May 1, 2009


Dad just bought these amazing blu ray disc called Planet Earth The Complete Series.Production by BBC and Discovery Channel produced by DisneyNature production.Its the best documentary ever.Literally the BEST!.It frequently blow my mind away the more I watch it.The picture is made me appreciate the earth and the animals.This is indeed our planet as "never seen before". Right from the outset you are witnessing the most amazing pictures modern technology has ever produced: Views from space, but close enough so we may see the glorious beauty of specific regions of our home planet. Birds of paradise of such beauty that can convince you this is the real paradise and you need not ask for anything more; All the creatures are filmed in unique settings and situations (a polar bear with two cubs emerging from their den as spring comes and gliding down a snow covered slope, the strategic genius of wild dogs encircling a herd of impalas, rare views of a snow leopard and her cub, a white shark in chase of a seal bursting completely out of the sea and hanging in the air for a second and hundreds of other breath-taking shots. Feeling happy for the gift you are given and the next moment plunged in bitter thoughts about how unbelievably brutally has mankind treated it.It even made me shed a few tears to show you how amazing this series is.Probably the best I have ever seen.the colors jump off the screen making you feel like your there.Words cannot even describe it how inspired i was watching this.


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