Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm okay

Hello there,

Today was a veryyy tired day.TIRED.haha,i had to bold it.I went to Low yat with dad and my brother.My brother wanted to buy a desctop,he said when I can play sims more slow.heee,excited but i think i can only play when he comes home.oh well.Man,there are so many people at Low crowded.I spotted a few good looking guys but nothing compared to Kris Allen.I went to a converse shop and i saw this one beautiful converse shoes.i wanted to cry because its so pretty.its the one that i'm searching for.the colour sky blue.I didnt buy it because I spend a lot of money already.Maybe next week i could try begging my dad or mom.i managed to buy one rolling stones t shirt and a pair of rayban glasses.I saw this dude drinking a pepsi and i was 'please,dont.' Haha,tons and tons of homework i didnt even do anything.I'm so lazy,haih.I better get started.History notes,composition,bm composition,math and add math.-_- why.....why.....

M.Davis No 1. haha :)



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