Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm sorry

So so so sorry for not updating my blog.My desktop just got repaired.I don't like blogging with my laptop because...I don't why.It doesn't feel the same.My driving lessons is going good.I can finally drive on the road.Not to mention,I can park,do a 3 pointer and drive on the hill. :D I'm definitely happy about that.My driving couch said that I'm getting pretty good.All and All,it's been a good week.Right now,I'm actually planning on doing a vlog.It's already recorded just have to edit just a bit.


Raji berkata said...

I often using my own laptop when posting new entry
when i try to update my blog use others laptop somehow i felt janggal xD

Afifah said...

I know righttttttttt,doesn't feel quite right.haha


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