Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm fine,i think

Naa,Me and Leya

Last night, was a fun day even though its a school day i had so much fun with Leya and Naa.We took some pictures together and we even record a video. stupid video i might add.ha ha,i was so bored.I always can count on Leya.We share the same interest together.I love converse she loves converse.I love watching nur kasih she love watching nur kasih.haha.Last Thursday night,I was feeling down and I decided to call her.Video call is probably the best.I told her about everything.I was kinda sad because I'll never have a chance with this someone so yeah she did cheer me up a bit.I ate a lot of ice cream with strawberries and chocolate syrup.Yummy,it made all my worries go away.

I watched whose line is it anyway which always cheer me up.I had a bucket of laugh and I decided to try get over this crush as soon as possible because no matter i'm gonna get tell you the truth,i already did so that's why i called Leya.I never once went out with Leya and Naa.Probably after Raya.*Excited* Leya went to her Piano class yesterday and I was at tuition at that time.She MMS me a picture of Twilight Music Score Piano Sheet.I was like 'No wayyyyy'. Ha ha,can you believe 2 more weeks then Raya? I'm super duper excitedddddddd.I can't wait because this year my cousin plan to have BBQ.Kedah is the best kampung ever.I love the sawah padi.very calming.I can imagine my cousin riding the scooter and I'm sitting behind her.I'm listening to Sigur Ros.I really can't wait.



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