Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spread love like violence

School was a blast.Tell you the truth,no matter how tired I am,I am always looking forward to school.Quote from Iqbal "Cikgu kelas kiteorg memang bising berbanding dgn kelas belakang tu,sebab diorg tak happy.Kiteorg happy tu yang bising and happening.Kalau yg kelas kt depan2 tu pulak,tak bising sebab terlalu tension sgt and pandai sangat.Mcm kiterog steady je" Haha,well i got to admit that its true.

Most of my classmates their characteristic is spontaneous.I mean really spontaneous.Like this morning,I was doing my notes when I heard somebody sing to me behind my ears.I was like 'Who's this?' kept looking left to right.When I was looking at my right shoulders he was at my left shoulder.Ha ha,that was kinda funny.Turns out it was Rais.Did not expect that,maybe a little bit because he sounds like an old guy.Haha.On Thursday,school ends 1.50 pm depends on which class.I have a tuition at 2.15pm.-_- Can't you even imagine how tired I am? Dad picked me up from school.I immediately took a shower.Boil water so i can put in the Maggie cup and eat it at the tuition.Leya and Asyrin also bought their Maggie cups.Arrived at tuition around 2.22pm but only to discovered that the tuition was cancelled because the teacher was sick.I was kinda pissed off,they could have told us sooner.Truth be told,I did have a great time eating Maggie cups outside with Leya and Asyrin.Epa and DJ was there too,we talked and joked.Epa said it was like we're having a picnic.We took some pictures.Iqbal took off early because he had to bring his motorcycle to send Epa home.When he arrived,Epa was wearing his safety helmet.It was big helmet while the motorcycle was small.You know how Epa spontaneous as he is waved us like a king.After we finished eating our Maggie cups,I called my dad and told him to picked me up.In a nutshell,I did have a good day.



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