Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iron Man 2

Yesterday,I watched Iron Man 2 with my dad and my brother.Since my second brother was home,we usually go to the cinemas during the weekend.Iron man 2 was amazing and hilarious.The special effects made jaw dropped to the floor.Kidding of course but damn those people really know how to use the computer.Robert Downey Junior was brilliant so as Gywneth Paltrow.She wears heels a lot in the movie,nice heels I might add. I've always love her because she looks so elegant.Scarlett Johansson is not that bad either,she does all the stunts by herself.Unfortunately,there are some people who can't seem to shut up when the movie is starting.Talking a little bit,fine.Laughing at the wrong time,forgivable.Talking with your cell phone in the cinema is a big NO NO.I think the guys behind me was an Indian.About 3 people shush them including me.Thank god they finally shut up.Finally,I got to enjoy the movie.Here's a message

"Hey, if you want to talk to a movie why don't you wait until it comes out on DVD, play it in your living room and talk to your hearts content, leaving the rest of us to enjoy movies at the cinema in peace and quiet.Some people just think they own the place.Other people pay their own money too."


fatimah azzahrah said...

LIKE ! bodoh punya org , haha :D


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