Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

May Contain Spoiler.You have been warned

I was so excited to see Harry Potter.Ask my family and my friends.THEY KNOW.I was so happy when I found out that it premiere in Malaysia on Nov 17.I booked my tickets 5 days earlier and I was the first one to bought it.Oh my god,I can't even write anything right now but I'm going to try.I woke up pretty early and kept on saying one more hour to go and so on.Finally,it was time.I went to see the movie with my brother.As soon as I step into the cinema,my heart was beating like crazy.Filled with anticipation and excitement.You know that feeling?.I sat on my seat and waited patiently for the movie to start.We arrived quite early(I mean come one!! It's harry freaking potter).There was a lot trailers showing up,the one that I surprised to see was Narnia.THAT even made my day a whole lot better.Finally the movie starts,all I can say is that the movie is different from the others.As for the introduction,when I saw the Warner Brothers logo rusting and the theme music was on,I felt something.It felt like 'Wow,I have grown up seeing this movie'.I still remember the day when I first saw Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone.I was about 7.I saw the jelly beans and the chocolate frog.My mom used to buy it for me when they sold at the mall.I ate them while I was watching the movie.It feels surreal .I'm 17 now .Sitting in the cinema and watching the final movie.Well at least,the first part.It's hard to put into words.I tried to control my excitement when intro was up,I was like 'OMG It's starting!!!!' The scene where Hermione was putting on the spell on her parents was pretty heartbreaking to me.Seeing all of her pictures with parents disappear.It takes a lot courage and loyalty to able to sacrifice that much in order to help a friend and of course to save the world.If you guys follow my tumblr,it is now full of Harry Potter.It's a phase.LOL.

Oh god,they really should date.I know,they said their relationship are like brothers and sisters but come on,how cute is this??!!

I've always knew that Hermione and Ron would be together.The moment where Hermione hugged Harry and when she turned to Ron,she was bit awkward and shake his hand instead.THAT part.I knew,it some ways .It's really frustrating not to see them together,they had their misunderstandings and fights.In this part,you could tell he was a bit brave showing his feeling towards her.He gets jealous when Hermione and Harry spend a lot of time together.I love that.All I can say is that I had a great time watching it.I really hope after my exam I would be able to see it again.It feels like I'm on a journey with them, finding and destroying the horcrux.The way the interpret the story of the tale of three brothers was just WOW.I'm still in the obsession mode so I apologize.I think the moment when I finished watching the last part would be very very emotional.I'm looking forward to it but at the same time I don't want it to end.



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