Sunday, October 31, 2010

Out and About

Yesterday,I went to Wangsa Walk with my best friends to celebrate my birthday.First thing we did was probably Karaoke.We sang a lot of song but my favourite song to sing was probably Adam Lambert-Whatda ya want from me.LOL.There's just something about that song.Del joined us with his date perhaps.Ha ha,we partied like a rockstar.Raja who was sweet enough gave me a present.It was such a cute mug.I'll post a picture of it.After karaoke-ing,we watched movie.We were quite scared to buy the ticket because we were going to watch Takers.It's 18PL.It means only 18 years old and above.Well,as you can see all of us are 17.We asked Del to buy our tickets.Yes,the guy who works there was cool. Kaching

Zana managed to crack a few jokes but finally we managed to get our tickets.Then,off to lunch at A&W.All there was to do was wait for the guys.Always late.Leya and I went upstairs to get the drinks first but totally forget about our tickets.We have to wait for them AGAIN.LOL.Finally I was in the cinema.*Sigh in relief* Takers was actually an enjoyable movie.The action stuff was like whoa.Whoa is the best way the describe it.Then,we went shopping for a while.I bough an eye primer and white nail polish for the the french manicure.Leya,Zana and Danny bought a ring.After the movie finish,some of the guys didn't have their lunch so we just tag along.I remember I laugh a lot because Danny is so funnnnyyy.I think my stomach was just waiting to burst because of too much laughing.Oh crap,I didn't even take a picture with Danny.Nah,plenty of picture i can take for his PLKN going away party.After all the chit chatting,I asked Del if I could get a ride home.Leya,Zana and I were all getting a ride home from Del.His date sat in the front seat while the three of us just being vain at the back seat.Taking a lot of pictures.Finally I get to see where Leya live because her home is a bit far away from where I live.After Del sent her date and Leya home,it was my turn.Hug Zana from the back seat and pound my knuckles with Del.It was a great day.I was very tired but at least I had fun.



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