Monday, December 13, 2010

Tangled up in you

I'm going summarized my weekend with this one post.


Like I said on my previous post,I went out with my dad and my brother.We had a good time as always.It was my Dad's birthday that day.Happy Birthday,Dad! He bought for himself an Ipad.Here's the truth,I was kinda hating on the Ipad when it first launch by Steve Jobs.Merely because I thought it was just like a big size Iphone but I had a change of heart when my dad bought it.It's definitely awesome.Yeah yeah,I know.It doesn't have flash but the game experience on the Ipad is just WOW.I'm kinda jealous that my dad have this.Ha ha,but hey he definitely deserve this with all his hard work on making money and making a better life for all of us.I told my dad,when I have a job,I promise that I will buy him something really special for him and my mum.My allowance doesn't cut it.At all.Haha.On the other hand,the Xbox is fixed and I did a bit of shopping.I bought a top,dress and a pair of flats.That's just it.We had to wait about an hour for the Xbox to be fix so we went to Old town.I had a great time,we talked and laughed.It was just great. :)


I went to see Tangled with my brother.Again.Seriously,that movie is just so cute.The thing is we all have our favourite Disney Princesses.As for me,I have one but I was not entirely sure who was my favourite.It was either Ariel or Belle.When I saw Tangled,I knew that Rapunzel will have to be my favourite.That's the best thing about movies,it just made you think how movies evolve through the years.Tangled just made me feel like a little girl again.Where you just get excited all of a sudden and forget about your worries which we lack as we are growing up.Not to mention,Zachery Levi voice is used for the character Eugene/Flynn.My friends and people who are close to me knows that I absolutely adore Zachery Levi..Just his presence,humour and personality just made him so likable.Other than that,he is on the show Chuck which is also one my favourite tv shows.



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