Friday, December 10, 2010

Paper thin

Hello readers,

Unfortunately,I didn't do anything interesting or worth mentioning for.Just the typical sleeping-late-at-night-doing-stuff-then-woke-up-around-1-o'clock.Yeah,you know that kind of thing.I'm actually more excited about tomorrow.I'm going out with my dad and my brother.Apparently,the XBOX360 needs to be update so I'm just tagging along.Besides that,I'm actually planning do a bit of shopping.Who doesn't love shopping?.

If you're asking 'Did I finish my exam?' Actually,no.I have one more paper to go on the 20th but hey it's only one paper.I could have a bit of fun now.Oh oh,one more thing.Inception Blu ray comes out a few days ago and I'm like so freakingggg exciteddd.The sad thing about it,I'll probably get the blu-ray next week which kinda sucks.Oh well,what's life without a few sacrifices.The amazing thing about it,I still remember seeing Inception in theater not to long ago and 'Puff" here comes the blu ray.What I mean is time flies so fast.Too fast in my opinion.One minute,you're in school then you're not anymore.Sometimes,you kinda wish you could relive the past.But you can't.The past is definitely a tricky thing.It's great to relieve it but you can't ponder about it too much.On the other hand,since I'm done with school.

Things that I'm looking forward
  • Going on vacation with my family and maybe do a bit vlogging
  • Going out with my friends and releasing all the stress
  • Bake cupcakes and cookies
  • Reading books and books and more books
  • Rereading the Harry Potter series
  • Go jogging/exercise.(kinda impossible but I'll try ;p )
There's more,I'll think about it later.If you have any suggestion,feel free. :) Have a good day.



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