Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday,my brother went back to his University after 8 months staying home with my family.He had an internship for about 8 months at KLCC so it's been fun having him at home.I used to see my brother twice a month but sometimes it depends on his you bet I was happy when I found out that he's staying for a longer period of time.We did a lot of fun stuff.Mostly going to the cinema to see the latest movies.The happiest time was probably just him being home. :)

When I was a kid,of course I fight with my brothers.I mean that's just normal.In my opinion,as you get older,you'll appreciate your brothers more.Haha.It's true well at least for me.Since he's gone back to university,late at night it gets a bit quiet because we would watch The big bang theory or watch just any movies.I miss him but it's going to okay.Mum said I'll probably see him on Chinese New Year because we're going back to my grandparents home in Kedah.So yeah I'm happy. :)



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