Thursday, March 10, 2011


I just got back from Pavilion with Zana and Leya.I had a blast with them.First,we bought the tickets then we went for lunch at the food court.We talked about everything.It was great because it's been quite a while since the three of us went out.After lunch,we head back to the cinema to buy popcorn and all that kind of stuff.Surprisingly,the staff working there was Zana's friend.He was in charge of my orders.It was kind of funny because we were kinda messing with him.Here's the story,I wanted to buy the first combo with ice lemon tea.Then,he said the combo can't change with ice lemon tea.Just greattttttttt.hahah

We kept changing the orders,haha.Blame it on Zana!.Then,I decided to buy only the popcorn and a 1901 hot dogs.Beastly is actually quite enjoyable.It was very sweet :) .After the movies,we went window shopping.I've found these awesome boots at Forever 21 but I didn't buy it because it was just not the right time to buy shoes since I just bought one last week.On our journey back to KLCC,we decided to visits the park.We played the swings and took a lot of pictures.It was so much fun,I feel a little kid with the wind brushing against me.I was up high that almost made me feel I could touch the sky.It was just so amazing.Thanks you guys for the wonderful time! ;)



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