Friday, March 25, 2011


Alhamdullilah,I'm so grateful for my result. ;) How's my result? Check it out on my tumblr. :D You know what's funny? My phone went KO immediately after I got my result.It's a sign! LOL

So yeah,my dad is going to buy me a new handphone.I'm planning to buy a Blackberry because I just want to try something new.Well,I do love an Iphone but since I'm planning to buy an Ipod touch so yeah I think I'm gonna stick with a Blackberry.After the result,some of friends decided to go to Isi Rimba.Its' like a camping place.We had so much fun,talking about everything.It's great since I've haven't seen them in a quite a long time.

Little prawn Zana found at Isi Rimba. :D

I wanna take this time to say Congratulations to all SPM 2010.If you get a bad result,it's not the end of the world.I have a few close friends who didn't do so well in their spm but when their in college/university,they finally find something that they like,they managed to score and get like 4 flat.Just keep trying and you'll do fine. :)



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