Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Babyyeah


Its friday,baby.ha ha,friday is like the best day ever because its the last day of the weekend.Usually every friday,my whole family ramai-ramai tgk movie using the i think its supposed to be what happen in vegas.i think.haha,but whatever at school pown best.Rasa kt sekolah sekejap je, tiba2 dh abis sekolah.Then,my classmate sume g makan kat anjung.Td,i mkn nasi goreng kampung cina (rm3.50),Ais kosong(O.2o) and ice blended latte(3.50) so total Rm 7.20.puas hati.kenyang gler.
Oh tomorrow tgk journey to the center of the earth.omg,x sabar.ade josh hutcherson.comel die.and ade brendan frasier who is also famous of the role o'connel in the mummy.



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