Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Awesome Day.

Today i woke up around 10 am.pretty early for me and its Sunday so yeah.i had to woke up early because my dad,my brother and i booked a ticket movie on the Internet to see Hancock.we went to pavilion.awesome theatre BTW.he he,first,i bought the popcorn and hot dog 1901(new york chicken or is it Texas ted?)nah,never mind.the movie starts at 11.45am.hancock was funny and a whole lot adventure but overall my review is just oh-Kay-lah.haha,i did enjoyed it but it would have been so much better in my opinion.after the movie finished,we ate.then,i pegi chameleon(ooh best ) the price at this shop is sooo cheap.geram sgt i bought a headband and an earing total only 8.20.oh yeah,i bought donut.damn those donuts are delicious.i bought a dozen. :D.then balik.actually ader byk lagi cter tp ngantok la.hihi, k lah nk tido. he he, :)



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