Saturday, July 12, 2008

Movie Geek!

Journey to the center of the earth



Today,as usual my dad and my brother,we went to see a movie called the journey to the center of the quite surprised,i actually enjoyed it.We laughed a LOT.haha.after the movie finished,we ate then balik.BUT,hold on.Kne gi starbucks i order la cream chocolate chip.sedapp and my brother order frappucino caramel.Then,beli big apple.big apple sama mcm donuts.x boleh beza antara dua kedai donut ni.dua2 sedap.lepas beli donut,balik rumah because ade tuition .At tuition best gler,unfortunately,kwn rapat x dtg.sedih.sorang je dtg JAZ!.That day subject Bm and math.Math best gler sbb ada test linear equations.suka subject tu.haha,abis tuition pegi 7-e.beli ais cream and magazine and at night tgk movie at my living room.tgk citer cloverfield.seriusly that movie was scary and lain daripada again enjoyed it.And right now tgh typing.

see ya,cyberspacer



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