Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm so excited because there is a new series like the planet earth series by discovery channel.It is called Life.I was getting goosebumps for watching the trailer.From the YouTube trailer,narrated by Oprah Winfrey.I just ask dad that the blu ray Life is coming out in June.Dad pre ordered the blu ray Life narrated by David Attenborough.Personally,I love the voice of David Attenborough in planet earth.Its very calm and soothing. I love watching this kind of stuff about nature and animals.I guess I feel very inspired and calm watching it.It is never boring to me watching this kind of series.I know,someone would think that 'is that kinda boring?'let me tell you something,there is nothing boring about learning the earth and nature.How can you say boring watching the seas,the fishes,the mountains and how animals fight for their lives.I think that is pretty fucking impressive.I respect the crew and everybody involves making this series.It takes a lot of work and guts.Not to mention,this project takes about 3 years to complete.Over 1000 videos and images.Imagine the crew have go to this all kind of places,just to make this series happen.See the adventure they see.

Here's the trailer. :D I can't wait to watch this.



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