Monday, April 26, 2010

All rise

School was fun as usual.I was browsing Yang's blackberry.Browsing my lookbook using the school wifi network.Haha,all of the sudden I have a changed of heart.My brother has a blackberry.I used his phone for a couple of days but I don't know I guess I'm still used to my old handphone.I was not feeling the hype over blackberry but now I kinda like it.I'm hoping that my dad will buy me a blackberry.Hopefully.Back to the main point,I was browsing my lookbook.I noticed that I have a new comment.I was not expecting much.just really happy that someone made an effort posting a comment.I was shocked and surprised to see it was Yuna.My friends were like whatttttt and i was like get what i mean.I did post a comment on her lookbook last month .I was not expecting she would reply or even visit my profile.It made my day.She even gave a Love .You can only give one per day which made me smile so much wider.



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