Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its been a week

Wow,I haven't update my blog in a week.Ha ha,nothing crazy or exciting happened.School is getting much better but just the homework that really bums me out.BM,I have to write two frigging essays and have to submit it this Monday.Not to mention add math,history notes and account.Ugh,guess i have to do it sooner or later.If you guys don't know,I love to sing usually i sing in class.Not that LOUD.I started recording my cover of a coldplay song and showed it to some of my was kinda funny when they didn't believe that it was my voice.HAHA,they said my voice was very different and they like my cover.I could not stop smiling. :) Maybe I'll post it later.My first is brother is HOME! Unfortunately,my second brother is absent.He said that he will be coming home first week of May.Long way to go.Later,I'm gonna play guitar hero.trying to get used with the xbox360 controller. -_-

Taking pictures with Zana is always a blast!



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