Saturday, April 25, 2009


83 more days.I can't wait.Its driving me crazy. :0

I went to tuition yesterday as usual.God,you don't know how tired I was and hungry.Ha ha,thankfully jaz brought me macaroni with spaghetti sauce.Yummy,I immediately went home so I can try it.I gotta say Jaz you make a pretty damn good sauce. ;) I ate a lot yesterday but it was worth it! The most scariest thing right now is MID YEAR EXAM.Oh god,I'm freaking out every time.I should be studying more not blogging.He he,the best thing when mid year exam is finished,the twilight blu ray is going to be here.In my home,in my mailbox,in my hands.Ha ha,since its release in may 5 plus shipping 2 weeks so probably it arrive in my home after the mid year exam.Yay!



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