Saturday, April 4, 2009


Test is over.Freedom! not just yet.Mid year is coming up and is a lot more harder since the format is the same as SPM.BM is tough,my tuition teacher said that we have to do many homework.He said this'kamu nk dpt lulus for bm memang senang,tp nk dpt A1 tu susah.Saya tanda paper Spm last year ada 6 orang je dpt A1' Whoosh,scary tu.goosebumps terus.Hehehe,I've held back many activities because of the test.I've always watch Mitchell and Kyle after school.They are seriously funny and cute and handsome.haha,the allen and craig show is also funny.I wish I could meet them and thanked them for all the pain they healed.Haha,Now i can watch Youtube.My favourite website everrrr.Next week,result.Ahhh,Add math was so unexpected so I dont know what to say.I remembered something.It happened last 2 week.I think.Epa or Hudzaifah sat infront of my table and we talked.So here's the conversation between Epa and I.(Not the same thing he said but lebih kurang la.)

Epa:Afifaahh,lama tak chit chat dgn Fifah

Me:Oh yeke? i guess what do you want? haha

Epa:apa garang2 ni? bgtau cikgu norain.okay.ada ada soalan.between robert pattinson and zac efron mana lagi hot.bagi aku zac efron.

Me:Takkan tak tau kot,robert pattinson all the way laaa.Zac? Zac okayy la.

Epa:hurmm,kalau Joe jonas and zac efron?

Me:Joe Jonas kot.Hahah

Epa:Kalau Joe jonas and robert pattinson?

Me: -_- Robert Pattinson laa!

Epa:okay okay,kalau aku ngan robert pattinson*sambil naikkan kening(I almost died laughing)


Epa:Hiskh,ni tak boleh ni.Ahh,kalau aku ngan Mr bean?

Me:Mr Bean as in real live character tu?

Epa:Yep Yep so jawapan nya apa?

Me:Tu lain cerita la.mana boleh compare ngan mr bean.

HAHA,it was so funny even Illiya pun gelak.Epa terus merajuk.Okay,I'm off to do watch everybody loves raymond.



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