Monday, April 27, 2009

True Blood

My favourite scene of all time. :)

I didn't go to school today.I have a bad fever.Ugh,being sick is the most uncomfortable thing in the world.I'm felling better but still a bit dizzy.

Sneek peek of season2.*excited*

I just finished the whole season of true blood and i can't wait for the second season.Its very addicting.I could wait any longer watching it at cinemax.The finale season is probably the best.Bill was willingly sacrifice himself for sookie.When sookie was near to death,Bill was there to save her.When she drank bill's blood to heal herself from all the cuts and bruises ,Bill said when his blood is running on her blood,he could feel anything she's feeling.He could come and save her if she is feeling scared at the exact moment.Ain't that the sweetest thing?.Vampires in true blood can't come during sunlight not that they will burn to death but they will eventually be weak and die.The last episode really showed that bill really love sookie.

Lafayette is the bomb!

Sookie was attack by Rene who is a psychopath.He immediately felt what sookie is feeling but he can't come out because its daylight.He didn't care and he just wanted to save sookie.He didn't get there it time because he was already burned.Sookie manged to kill the psychopath and she saw Bill lying on the grass.This is probably the saddest because Bill told her that he'd failed as in he fail to protect her.I still don't understand why sookie is hesitating choosing bill over Sam and Eric.Come on,Bill is a gentleman guy.Team Bill! :)



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