Sunday, April 4, 2010

what goes around,comes around

I completely agree.

It is been awhile since my last update.My brothers came home during the weekends and we had loads of fun.I watched How to train your dragon with my dad and brother.I had a blast watching it.I think adults can enjoy it too.

Moving on,I went Maxic Center at Lowyat to change my Sim card because I have been using the same Sim card for the past 7 years.I thought it was time to change but still with my original number of course.I'm warning to any particular person who wants to go there,the service staff is really bad.I mean really really bad.I've never been disrespected in that way.I complain it to maxis facebook and they are taking action.I don't know if I should believe that but who knows?.I was asking the staff,where should i go to and how much is the payment.He kept making faces like he doesn't even want answer the questions which i find is very rude.I went to the other staff who was responsible for changing my Sim card.She asked me to fill in the details and she said 'IC ten'.I was I ask her again.She was kinda raising her voice this time.Your ic and ten ringgit!.How am i suppose to know that IC ten meant your IC and ten ringgit? Could you be clear in what you are trying to say and if your having bad day or bad mood or can't take it out on the other person.I was caught off guard with her attitude,I was checking my purse and pull out my ic card.I mumble 'you don't have to be rude'.I don't know if she heard it,but I hope so.If i had these two names i would definitely talk to their manager.We'll see.I don't mean to be a racist but most of these workers are Chinese,I don't know maybe they have issues of me being a Malay and a Muslim.If I see the staff treating differently to other person in the future(like I'm going to there after what had just happened) I'm just saying if .then I will definitely take actions.*Betul jugak ckp iqbal* haha,



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