Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodnight Moon,

I spend a great deal of time editing this picture to make it look like a pop art comic.I'm happy how it turns out. :)

School was fun.I brought my SLR because I had to made a few adjustment to the school leavers section.I probably won't be blogging that much this month until December.I have an important examination and I'm getting worried.If I have time,I will blog about on how I spend my Aidilfitri with my family and friends.I will promise you that I will blog everyday(If I can) after the exam. :p.I saw Zana's blog and I was intrigue to my own room tour.Not now,but eventually.I would say my room is very simple.I'm actually planning to paint my room but I haven't decided what colour I'm going to choose.It's either Pink with Sky Blue or Purple with Pink.We'll see.



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