Friday, August 13, 2010

Inception part 2

I can't get Inception out of my head.It's been a few weeks since I've seen it.When you watch that movie,you always feel you want to watch it again and again and again.First and foremost,the soundtrack in this movie is just spectacular! I hope Hans Zimmer gets nominated for an Oscar next year.Hopefully,he could also perform it like he did at the Inception Premiere.I've been a fan of Hans Zimmer since he did the music score for the movie,The Holiday.Usually people nowadays only listen to Chart Topping music,they forget the most beautiful pieces music of all.John Williams,Nicholas Hooper,Ilan Eskheri,Zack Hemsey,Morgan Van Dam and Hans Zimmer are one of my favourites.That is to name a few,there's probably hundrends more talented composer out there that I haven't discovered yet.

I was browsing Youtube the other day.I was watching Hans Zimmer performing live and one comment caught my eye.Spoiler ahead:If you haven't watch this movie,do not scroll down.

When Cobb looked away form the spinning totem and ran for his kids,it is supposed to mean that he took a leap of faith and doesn't need a totem anymore.Totem stopped,but we will never see it,because we also gotta take leap of faith and believe,that Cobb and his kids were alright.

*It gives me hope that maybe just maybe Cobb isn't dreaming and he is finally meeting his kids.



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