Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Surprise

I went to school today.The usual,every Monday there'll be a like pep rally.I thought Zana and Leya didn't come.GREAT,I went upstairs to my class and was suprised to see their bags was righ there.I was like 'Okay' After first period,I did my homework and I noticed that some of my classmates were not there.I din't suspect anything because well it's been like that. LOL.I was doing my homework when I heard someone sang 'Happy Birthday'.I didn't think it was for me.They were all wishing me Happy Birthday.Awww,thanks guys.It was really really sweet.Thank you.Zana gave me a pillow and a mug.Leya gave me two slices of secret recipe cake.I had a really great time and you did surprised me.



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