Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seventeen Forever

Sorry for not updating my blog.I've been a bit busy.Ah,I can't believe I'm already seventeen.First and foremost,I would like to say thank you to all the people who wished me Happy Birthday.Either in Tumblr or Facebook.Thank you thank you so much.It does mean a lot.First person who wish me was probably Leya.Thanks Leyaaa,love you.After that,I couldn't remember.Haha,thanks to Zana for coming to school today.If you weren't there,I would be really mad.I mean freakishly mad at you.A little shout out to Raja. :)

Here's a bit of a story on what happen at school

Zana was trying to surprise me but she fail miserably.Haha,she gave a big hug and one ferrero rocher.I said to her 'I mean is that it? I mean come on' I was joking of course.LOL.Then,Del came in and gave me a card.It was a sweet gesture.I was eating the ferrero rocher and trying to say thank you at the same time.Can you imagine how hard it is? When I finish eating it,he said 'I wanna give you this' .I laughed so hard.Do you wanna know what he gave me? Do you really wanna know? Haha,he gave one ferrero rocher.It was just kind of funny because Zana just gave me one.Del was like 'If I've known,I would give you more than that'.Zana was pissed off because when Dell give it to me I didn't say anything like I did to her. ;p



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