Friday, October 1, 2010

Further Away

Hey guys,I've been feeling a bit of left out from this particular person.Don't you just hate the feeling?.Being left out,I mean.Sometimes,I feel like I wanna cry but I just couldn't.I'm very sensitive.I know that.I get emotional by the simplest thing.I don't want elaborate more because well I don't want the person to be offended.It feels like I'm losing something or someone.I have this urge to know but I just can't puck up the courage to ask.Maybe I'm just overeacting.

Maybe this thing is just for awhile.I hope you're right Hermione.Heh.I don't want to make the problem bigger than it already is.I guess,I'm just not that type of person.Everyone knows that you can't be liked by everybody,that's just nearly impossible.I'm really trying to be a better person and I just hope that people would see that.Sorry for making you read this rant.I just had to let it out.



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