Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day out

Yesterday,I went out with my best friend,Zana.Just the two of us.We went to Pavillion to see Paranormal Activity 2.Since I'm the only one that watched the first one so I kinda know what's going on.Zana didn't watch the first one so I had to explain it to her.My review on the movie is just okay.There were quite a few shocked moments but the funny thing is I'm to scared to scream because I think I'll probably be the only one.The guy sat right next to me,he's just seem so chilled and relax.I just don't want to embrassed myself.Haha,but I did scream a little bit.I just thought 'fuck it! I can jump and scream whenever I want!' Haha

Another interesting experience watching the movie is when the movie ended.All the audience were still seated because the lights were still off and they were black on the screen.We thought that the movie was still going on.But then suddenly came out the directed by.I laughed my ass off and so as all the other people.We thought that they have some kind suspense surprised.Another weird thing,usually when the movie ended the lights will come on and the staff will open the exit door.It didn't happen when I watched Paranormal Activity.I thought they were just joking but seriously no one came in to open door.Thankfully,one of the people in the audience went down and tried the open the door.I was happy and went down with all the others.Then,the shocking thing happened.The door couldn't open.Zana and I were like 'WTF?!' Haha,some people there started laughing.I'm like


Turns out,the guy didn't turn the door right.Finally the door was opened and everyone was safe.That kinda scared me a bit,you know stuck in the cinema.After that,we went to Diva.I bought some accessories because they were on sale.YAY!.We went to lunch at KLCC food court.We saw Amad and we talked a bit.It's great seeing him because I haven't seen my classmates about a month.I miss them.Then Amad had to leave because his lunch time was almost over.For lunch,I had fettucine cabonara.It was good. :) After that,it was time to go home.I saw this foreigner on the escalator,he looked exactly like Ron Weasley.Zana thought so too.His hair was ginger and he has this really piercing pair of eyes.



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