Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hanging out

In the 'Ride of the Hurricane'.It was so much fun.

Today,I went out with Nan Sofiah.I've known her about 5 years and we haven't seen each other for about 2 months.I think.It was great to hang out with her.We went to see the season of witch.You know how I love Mr Nicholas Cage and his movies.Haha,the movie was okay.It was actually not that bad.The most surprising moment was probably finding out that Robert freaking Sheehan was in the movie.I was like Yay!!! If you don't know him,well this is Robert.

so freaking handsome

It was really hard to keep a straight face watching him in this movie because I remembered him so well in Misfits.He was so hilarious in Misfits.

Nan and I just playing around.

We went to Petrosains first because we had about 2 hours before the movie starts.I haven't visit Petrosains in a really really really long time.It was actually fun.They were actually a lot of people in there but not too crowded.It was just nice.Mainly,there were a lot of foreigners.I mean come on,we visited it on a School Day.First thing we did was we went in this circle ride kind of thing.We weren't allowed to take pictures in the tunnel so that was just a bummer.After the tunnel ride,the staff said we could take as many pictures as we want.I played the F1 racing game.That was pretty cool.Another fun exhibit was the 'The Ride of Hurricane'.I had a good time on that with Nan.We were snapping pictures.I looked so ridiculous in the pictures but hey we did had fun. :D The Earth quake chair was just scary and funny at the same time.At the end of the journey,I had a good laugh with Nan,when we were in the the tunner ride once again.We were descending,it felt like we were in a rollercoaster but of course it was slower.I put my hands up in the air and that's when Nan told me that my dress was glowing.We were in the tunnel of 'glowing in the dark'.We couldn't stop laughing because our teeth was glowing too.Ahh,good times good times. :)



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