Saturday, January 8, 2011

That's alright

Look at them,arghh stop being so freaking adorable

Sorry guys for the lack of update.I'm truly am.The great news is I past my computer test.Yay! It's really slow process to drive a car but hey it's worth it.Besides that,I finished reading 3 books this week.First it was A kiss in time,followed by Can you keep a secret.Finally,Flipped.Flipped was such a good book.I think the they did a great job adapting the movie based on that book.In my opinion,it follows the book by heart.If you guys haven't seen Flipped,you should.It just reminds you a bit about your first love.Haha,not to mention Callan McAuliffe is just so adorable.I think he's going big and I'm rooting for him.I'm a bit dissapointed that he is 15 years old.Why Why Why? Haha,

My favourite scene from the movie is probably this



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